Monday, September 03, 2012

S/Tweet Treats from Jung Min and Hyung Jun 09.03.12

Jung Min / ROMEO will be debuting in Japan this September (with a new hair style) and he seems to be excited as he kept on tweeting today. He has a total tweet of 4 (one deleted i think because I think he made an error).

Here is the English translation of Jung Min's tweets courtesy of xiaochu1004 lifted in Twitter.

JungMin0403 :Was lying down to sleep but had a cup of Umeshu under the temptation of JumRye!!! Ah~~sleepy~~must fall flat!!! Being attacked by the sleep monster again!

JungMin0403 :君がいて 僕がいて いつもと変わらない 帰り道~夕暮れに 伸びている 二人の影 すこし 重なった!リクエスト貰った サンセット!久しぶりに聞いた。いいね。歌おうかな^^

JungMin0403 : it's still early but I'm sleepy. Romeo to debut the day after tomorrow! (9/5 ROMEO DEBUT SINGLE GIVE ME YOUR HEART♥) Romeo appear? This guy! Using my body as he pleases! Well then JungMin enters~! Free pic for you! Before I go lie down^^

As for HyungJun, he tweeted once today. I hope he'll tweet more and will let us know what's keeping him busy lately. Thanks again to xiaochu1004 for this.

HyungJun87: what are you doing, everyone?


Anonymous said...

This was the content of the last tweet he deleted (still on his offical FB page tho) ;p
"서비스 사진 안올라가나보네~~!^^ 난 정말 이제 못버티겠으니...사라짐...안녕.............​"

Hope someone can translet it. ;p

Also, could some kind souls pls help to translate the 2nd tweet in Japanese... please please pretty pleaseeee..... :)

Anonymous said...

didn't know xiaochu can read japanese!

Anonymous said...

My Japanese is not good but here I`ll give it a try:

"君がいて 僕がいて いつもと変わらない 帰り道~夕暮れに 伸びている 二人の影 すこし 重なった" are the lyrics from "サンセット" (Sunset), SS501`s song from their japanese album "All My Love".

リクエスト貰った サンセット!= I got a request (to sing) "Sunset"!

久しぶりに聞いた。= Long time no hear it/I haven`t heard it in a long time.

いいね。= That`s nice/ That sounds nice.

歌おうかな^^= Maybe I`ll sing^^

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 3:45am, mmmuaakkss!!!! Thanks a bunch!!! You are awesome!!!! :)

JungMin-ah, YYEESS!!!! Pppllleasee SING it!!! You know, everytime any of you boys sings SS501 song during solo, it makes us TripleS's hearts skips faster and very very happy! <3

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:15, nope, Xiaochu did not translate the tweet in Jap. The translation was done by Anon 3:45 above.
Thanks Anon 3:45!

I too are getting very curious what's the tweet about that he deleted it. Heh heh...

Anonymous said...

min looks so young....

Raven said...

All the members seem to be getting these shorter haircuts. JM looks like he has lost weight also. I miss ss501 so much. I loved everything about them. I watch the old clips all the time. I have over 1,000 clips so I can go back over the last 7 years and enjoy them.... Heavy sigh...come back to us ss501...missing you from afar...Raven

Anonymous said...

i don't know the tweet was about 'sunset' ss501's song..i'm so happy ^^ getting excited if any of the boys singing their group songs :D

Anonymous said...

Raven: yup,their hair are getting shorter..i miss their dejavu image ^^actually i miss their flower boys image..hehe,so cute.

Anonymous said...

@10:52 undeniable, our boys are turning from pretty boys to gorgeous men! <3