Saturday, September 15, 2012

S/Tweet Treat from Young Saeng 09.15.12

Sweet tweet treats on a Saturday afternoon from Young Saeng.  Ei, I guess we have to thank his friend Hee Moon for making him tweet to endorse the app that he made.  ^_^ Hee, to end his tweeting spree this afternoon Young Saeng posted a very cute selca.

Here is again tweet translation that I lifted from Twitter, courtesy once again by @xiaochu1004.
mystyle1103 : HeeMoon Hyung who played soccer, basketball and baseball with me, made this Beshop app~keke Actually it was done about 2 months ago~ it is difficult to understand this app initially~ to put it in simple terms, through a monthly event, it will give prizes to Beshop members~ for September, they are giving game console Wii and Shinsege shopping vouchers~ download the app~ get the prizes~ and please RT this lots!!!

mystyle1103 : the message was too long..keke Those who wants to get the game console Wii and Shinsege shopping vouchers!! Get Beshop app~~~^^

mystyle1103 : With Beshop's owner~~!! Keke
- one day at the soccer field -

mystyle1103 :Though this was taken some time


Anonymous said...

that last pic... lovely....just...lovely

Chara said...

Agree with 1st Comment 100%. ^^

Anonymous said...

the last pic $__$ he is so handsome

Anonymous said...

He looks so young and cute^^ YS, please tweet more and come out more, we miss you a lot!

Anonymous said...

I love you sooooooo much young saeng..<3

Anonymous said...

forever cute..forever handsome and hot..forever love and support you HEO YOUNG SAENG ^^

Anonymous said...

YS really has a beautiful cute him so much..