Saturday, September 22, 2012

[Pix and Bits & Pieces] Young Saeng 'OverJoyed' Concert in Japan 09.22.12

Young Saeng just finished his first ever solo concert in Japan. The concert was held at Shibuya-AX in Tokyo that started at 5PM. I am sure that you've seen the set list that I shared HERE which I am listing down below:

1.2.3 (Band)
Dramagic (Band)
Let It Go (Karaoke)
Crying (Karaoke)
이름없는 기억(Band)
Find(Rock ver.) (Band)
Out the club (Karaoke)
Love Song (Acoustic)
True Tears (Band)
안보여ㅜ 보이시는분?
Love ya (Dancer)
완전 안보임....
All My Love (Band)
Beautiful (Band)
Dream On (Band)
Hello Mello (Band)

There aren't much photos shared on any SNS or website yet but I am sure we will get to see later including video. For the meantime, let me share with you some photos shared by B2M, @Madeleine_HYS / 마들렌 Madeleine and @S2501JH / Obsess(중독...) shared in Twitter.

Beautiful see of green lights.

Young Saeng dancing to Psy 'Gangnam Style'

Below are some highlights from the tweets of @RenriSak0830
  • According to @RenriSak0830, YS sang many SS501 songs (as seen on the set list earlier)
  • He sang Find rock version
  • He sang 'Love Ya' with 4 dancers
  • Young Saeng danced 'Gangnam Style'
  • During one segment of the talk session, YS asked if fans bought his album, Fans said 'Yes'. He then asked if they've listened to it. Fans again said 'Yes' then he said 'Really?' then smiled.
  • RenriSak0803 also said that YS made them cry many times.
  • YS said that he will try to speak Japanese but it will give him headache because it's difficult.
  • Per RenriSak0803 she thinks that YS was teary eyed when he sang 'True Tears'.
  • A video was shown with SS501 in the vid.
  • RenriSak0803 said that Young Saeng's concert was great.
  • Last song during encore is 'Hello Mello'.  YS threw towel to fans and gave out flying kisses.

Next concert in Japan will be on the 24th of September, at ZEPP Namba in Osaka.  The concert will start at 6:30PM

Thanks much to veggiedelight for giving to tip to @RenriSak0830's tweets.


kelly said...

Thanks Liezle for the info. There aren't much on twitter so it is good to see a summary here.

YS must be overwhelmed and touched this evening. His first solo concert, a real concert.

The second part, the fan meeting should be ongoing now. I always think it is a good idea, to have the fan meeting separated from the concert. Lots of focus and continuity in both events then.

blackclip said...

thanks for compiling the highlights! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Saengie for his dream comes true, and the lucky overjoyed fans at the concert!! Nothing can be better than seeing the best singer Saengie's concert. Hope there'll be concerts held in other countries soon and more promotional activites. Saengie fighting! from your forever supporter^^

P.S. BIG thanks to Liezle for the news and accounts - really really grateful for it!