Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Vids & Bits from Young Saeng's 'Overjoyed' Concert in Tokyo & Osaka

I am shoving here four more fancams from the YouTube of . The following videos where taken last Saturday 'Overjoyed' concert of Young Saeng in Shibuya-AX in Tokyo.

Much thanks to @cll_slam10 for tweeting the link in YouTube.

Here is something that I picked up in Twitter which was translated by @cll_slam10 which @TingTingLoveKyu tweeted. I am not sure though whether this was during last Saturday's concert in Tokyo or last night's in Osaka.

"Young Saeng whom wanted to speak Japanese during his entire concert ~ while inviting a fan up the stage to sit ~ suddenly he said "chair" in eng. Found out that he has forgotten the japanese word for chair, everyone started laughing... after which the audience start to teach him chair = "Isu"... so cute~~~ RT @TingTingLoveKyu: 硬是全部都要用日文的永生哥~請歌迷上台坐時~就突然冒出"Chair" 原來是忘了椅子日文怎麼講, 當場快笑翻 XDDDD 然後台下大家就開始教他是 "Isu" XDDD 好可愛~"

And from last night's concert, here are tweets from @alisongan1103 who attended the concert in ZEPP Namba in Osaka. Much thanks Alison!  I really enjoy reading them. ^^
  • For Love Song, he serenaded the lucky fan who was super shy - I was like, grab his hand, woman!! LOL!
  • Fell in love with 'True Tears'. Delivered powerfully with so much emotion ... 'Maria' was 'dramatic'! Almost like watching him a musical performance ... Great display of his vocals here ..
  • When he went off to change, a SS501 vid was played. Cute moments from their early days ... He came back with the four dancers and they all took their turns singing each individual members' parts! Love the dance! Especially the synchronised jump!! 
  • Then he mentioned SS501 and followed with a medley of the groups' Japanese singles. Cute moments in there tooo ... Hope there'll be fancams ... All My Love next. Again ... Full extend of his vocals on display ... nice when he got the audience to sing some parts of all these songs :)  
  • He appeared in a bright green jacket for the encore!! Love the ' loudness' ( and maybe a homage to SS ?) Hello Mello ended the concert on a high! 
  • All the songs he performed live are super damn different from cd or recorded on music shows ! Nameless Memory was breath- taking, followed by a ballad intro to Find- then it rocker saeng after intro! Ahh sorry I'm abit lost for words in my description!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Liezle for the posting and the details of the concert. They are so precious - it helps me to feel that I was there^^ I can imagine how touching the audience will be with YS great powerful and breathtaking singing. It's a must do once in life time to be in his concert and hear him sing live!

It's not easy to be YS fans as his agency gives very little (if not none) promotion. For that I'm very grateful for your sharing of YS news in your blog. I always check here as otherwise I don't know where to find his news in English. Really appreciate it!

Ling said...

Oh, this article is lovely. YS is so cute. I wish i'm at his concert too that night. Really miss all of them. Happy that his concert was succesful. Thank you Japan for still rooting for our YS even though he had delayed his concert until now

kelly said...

Looks like YS has really thought through the programme of the concert carefully. It is warm and surprising. I am sure he enjoyed the concerts as much as the fans enjoyed it.

Thanks Liezle for consolidating all the information here. And thanks to the fans for all the account and selfless sharing.

And heard his new album coming out in Spring? Hope again, it is a nice complete album. When is Spring? April? So far away.