Sunday, December 27, 2009

[pix & vids] quick news on kim hyun joong

As most of you already know Hyun Joong is back from his trip to Japan on the same day he left. I was getting inquiries about his return but didn't reply intentionally since I want to have more info before I make a post.

Here is video of Hyun Joong at Haneda for his flight back to Seoul. Thanks to faith2714 for the upload of the video from YES.

And here are few of his photos at Gimpo when he returned. Thanks to Mariposa for the tip. and likewise to

As for their China trip SS501 didn't leave Seoul yet . Anyway, the schedule in China is on the 30th of December. I'll delete the schedule on my calendar so as not to create confusion. The China show is for a year end countdown. The earlier report said that they will be leaving 27th and back on the 2nd of January. It didn't happen so the report is probably not true.

Anyway, in Japan a friend shared with me these information.

The competition to attend the recording of the show was high. The ratio is 100:1. That's the ratio of fans who would want to see Hyun Joong in the show that Fuji will be airing on Jan 5.

Hyun Joong cooked Samgyetang [ginseng chicken soup] and Tteokbokki. He wore skull apron. After cooking Hyun Joong gave Tteokbokki to Haruna Ai with his hand. And what did Haruna Ai did? Ai sucked Hyun Joong's finger! Of course he was surprised.

For those who aren't aware who Ai is. He is a transgender TV star and showed interest in him on a TV show where Hyunjoong and other BOF members of the cast appeared before. You still remember that? Click HERE.

The show was recorded for one hour and a half.

P.S. Did you know that Hyun Joong appeared briefly in 'Family Outing' last tonight?

There's a short clip khj0606 but the url is locked that is why I can't share the video. It's a 3:42 minutes clip of him being interviewed during a break for a photo shoot for Basic House where in he'll be modeling with Yoon Eun Hye and when he appeared with Seungri on the show.

At the end of the video Leader was singing with Hyori. ^_^ I was told it was a song they sang before. Not sure where so please don't ask me. ^^

P.P.S. Here's the almost 4 minutes clip from 'Family Outing' thanks to 3kimheoparkss501 for uploading on YT.

Are you curious what Hyori said to Hyun Joong? Well, Hyori said that she is Hyun Joong's ideal girl and they have sung together before. ^^


Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle for the news about Leader. I knew that the day will not end without you blogging something about any of the members. You even provided information from Japan. Really thank you.

Anonymous said...

Woo... many fans lined up
to watch Hyun Joong in the show.
I remember that Ai he/she likes
him so much during BOF promotions.

Thanks for the FO clip.
I did not notice Hyun Joong
first until i rewatched the
clip again. Hyori and him
are both in different rooms
am i right?


Anonymous said...

Yuck..! Ai sucked Leader's finger.. How dare he/she!?!.. Leader must be embarrased.

violet said...

The song is 'Christmas Eve' of Kim Hyun Chul. They sang it to celebrate the founding of TripleS in 2005.

liezle said...

Thanks violet for the info. Hee, but i think they messed up singing the song. ^_^


Bri501 said...

at first i was "what!?!?!?! who liked his fingers!?!?!?!" and then i read your description of who Haruna Ai is and then i was like "ohhhhhh, i know who she is now, nevermind. I like her, she's funny." i've seen her a bunch of times with Arashi, but never really knew her name. so im not jealous anymore, lol :D

thanks always for all the SS501 info, i would be months behind on what they were all doing if it wasn't for your updates :)