Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rehearsal Photos

Not sure if you guys have seen these photos yet. But since it was sent to me by a dear friend thought of sharing them with you.

Do you guys have any idea when this was taken? This set of photos was during the rehearsal of Hyun Joong for the event that he hosted for about 5,000 fans last March 31, 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo'.

'love him in beanies.

Leader seems tired... well, he was actually sick then.

photos are courtesy of exl

Do you remember that during the show, he was already sick yet he was able to perform to delight of his fans and look very very gorgeous? In this show, he even surprised us for the very first time with his song 'Please Be Nice To Me'.

Alright, since I'm already blogging about 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo', I might as well include in this post the cuts from the 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo DVD' that was released in Japan last December 18 as uploaded by WWloveHJL on her YT channel.


Anonymous said...

First time to see these pictures, thank you. I watched this but i didn't know that he was sick. Amazing Leader. Not only once he performed sick but many time. During BOF in Japan too the swine flu. Before that Malaysia he was sick too, he fainted. Aish, when will leader take a rest and consider his health first.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember he was really sick at that time. He fainted just couple days before the event.
He should be more cautious, he's been sick too many times.
Thanks for sharing. HJL looks so adorable in beenie

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute in beenies. I think he's the only boy that looks good with beenies. lol.
Leader's used to look bigger than the rest of the boys, but after BOF, he became smaller. I wonder if it's because of the grow spur, or it's because of lack of sleep, proper nutrition, and bad health..? Anyway, I hope he gets plenty of rest and takes good care of his health.