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[Eng Trans] Excerpt from 'Strong Heart' 12.15.09

Huge thanks to blue_angel_1004 for posting on khj thread @ soompi translation of the part of Hyun Joong talking about dating a celebrity for 5 months before in 'Strong Heart'.

I'm pretty sure netizens will be digging out who this female celebrity is.


Excerpt from today's "Strong Heart"
Translation by blue_angel_1004 @ khj thread @ soompi
Videos courtesy of 3Minniemink

Note : Part 2 and Part 3 contains video link. Just click on it and YT video will come out.

This translation is from Part 2 which begins at 4:03 mark.

MC Lee Seung Gi: Faith in the 10th year idol. Here’s Shoo! (Note: Shoo was a former member of a popular girl group, SES. SES belonged to SM, and back in the late 90s and early 2000s, SM’s SES and DSP’s Finkl dominated the kpop music scene.)

Caption: SES’s dating strategy.

MC Lee Seung Gi: SES’s dating strategy?

Shoo: Yes. As you know, I belong to the first generation of girl groups. So, back then, merely dating itself was like a dream.

Caption: At the peak of SES’s popularity, the idea of an idol dating was a dangerous dream.

MC Kang Ho Dong: Then how did you date and love then?

Shoo: Idols usually date other idols.

MC Kang Ho Dong: Time. Then are you saying that you’ve dated a male idol singer?

Shoo: I did!

Brian: Of course she did! She’s Shoo!

MC Kang Ho Dong: It seems like it’s the first time hearing it. It’s the first time you’ve admitted to it.

Shoo: Yes, I did [date]. With someone close to someone here. The end!

Others: Brian?

Comedian Tae Gyoon: I told you not to say it. (Joking)

Caption: She dated Tae Gyoon, who’s close to Chan Woo?!

Comedian Chan Woo: I saw it all!

Brian: All idols are dating even now!

Shoo: When there’s a performance, if other idol singers are sitting and watching a performance of another idol group, it means that something is going on between them. Because we want to look at them at any opportunity.

Danny (former member of g.o.d. - Note: Back in early to mid 2000, g.o.d was the most popular idol group, similar to the current popularity of dbsk or ss501): As Shoo had said, during rehearsals at the broadcasting station, if we followed that girl’s group, as she comes down the stage and I go up the stage, we’ll greet each other like we don’t know each other. But as we pass each other, we’ll slightly touch each other’s fingertips.

Danny: But what happened to me once is that we had an argument. So my then-girlfriend was extremely angry. Incidentally, she was coming down the stage and g.o.d. was going up the stage. There were a lot of people around. I bowed and was about to leave, when she punched my arm with her fist. I was startled because even though it was a rehearsal, there were staffs around and some fans scattered around as well.

Danny: After getting hit, at least I know why I got hit because I did commit a wrong. But since I had to act natural, I just laughed it off like we were joking around.

Comedian Chan Woo: If she hits you, you can’t start fighting each other.

Comedian Tae Gyoon: The other members must have seen it.

Danny: Yes.

Comedian Tae Gyoon: Then don’t they ask you why she hit you?

Danny: That’s when they first found out. I have no excuse to tell the members, so I told them. (Note: Back then, g.o.d. members were known to be very close to each other. Despite so, it seems like many idol singers don’t tell each other about who they’re dating.)

Comedian Chan Woo: Where do you guys date?

Brian: In the car.

Chan Woo: In the car?

Shoo: Yes. Since I debuted when I was young, I didn’t have a driver’s license. In a cold winter day, we took the cab to the Han River and talked for three hours.

Shoo: And if we left any evidence, the managers would find out where we were and who we were with.

MC Kang Ho Dong: How about SS501?

KHJ: Hearing it now, it seems a lot different.

Caption: Idols these days have a better atmosphere to date?

KHJ: These days, even idols have their own cellphones. (Note: Back when Shoo was an idol singer in the late 90s, most people didn’t own cellphones. Instead, everyone used pagers.)

MC Kang Ho Dong: Danny Ahn, we can’t tell. But since you’re an experienced sunbae (senior), can you tell which idols are dating just by looking into their eyes?

Danny: I think so. Because I too did the same thing.

MC Kang Ho Dong: Look into Danny’s eyes.

Caption: Will Danny be able to tell just by looking into Hyun Joong’s eyes?

MC Kang Ho Dong: Danny, in your opinion, what do you think about KHJ?

Danny: Are you saying whether he’s dating?

MC Kang Ho Dong: Yes.

Danny: Not at the present time. I don’t think he currently has a girlfriend. But it seems like he did in the past.

Caption: Is this… true?

MC Kang Ho Dong: Is he right?

KHJ: Yeah, he’s right.

(Here, everyone's impressed that Danny got it right, even Danny himself).

KHJ: I can’t lie very well. But, since it’s in the past.

MC Kang Ho Dong: You’re not in a situation to date around freely.

KHJ: But I did openly. Because I hate hiding around.

MC Kang Ho Dong: Was the other person a famous person as well?

Continues with Part 3

KHJ: Yes…

MC Kang Ho Dong: But how did we not know? Why weren’t there any rumors?

Comedian Chan Woo: Did you only meet about twice?

Everyone: Was it a ghost? (Note: KHJ’s own story is about how he encountered a ghost in his dorm room. He said his roommate, KJ, saw it as well. So his own board says, “Living together with a Ghost.”)

KHJ: I don’t know. Why didn’t others know?

Chan Woo: How long did you date?

KHJ: It was short.

Others: How long? A week?

KHJ: Not that short. About 5 months?

Chan Woo: How many times did you meet during those 5 months?

KHJ: We couldn’t meet often.

Brian: Where did you go?

KHJ: Going to the movies. Since I like fishing, go fishing.

MC Lee Seung Gi: By car?

KHJ: Yes.

Solbi: Where did you go where there are a lot of people gathered?

KHJ: The market. To eat sashimi.

MC Lee Seung Gi: Then did the other members, Jung Min or Hyung Joon, know about this?

HJB: This is the first time hearing this.

JM: Yes, we’re shocked. Who could it be?

Brian: The members were talking amongst themselves.

HJB: He really must have kept it secretive. No one knew.

JM: Did you date by yourself? Maybe that wasn’t the other person’s intention. She just met up with you a couple of times, and you misunderstood that as dating.

KHJ: Was that it? (laughing)

MC Kang Ho Dong: Of course that’s not true.

Nancy Lang: What did you like the most about that person?

Cont. from 2:17

KHJ: She was easy-going and chill.

MC Lee Seung Gi: Is she in the entertainment business currently?

KHJ: Yes, she is.

Yang Eun Ji: It must be the person I saw.

(The other members are whispering to each other again, and with Yang Eun Ji. )

Others: Let’s hear it too!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Who is she? O_O

pipay said...

Noona Hyori

Anonymous said...

^yeah right, Hyori is out of HJ league man..

pipay said...

that was a long time ago and he was always vocal with her, he was able to spent christmas with Hyori's family :)I'm just guessing.

aisling said...

it could be anybody in the entertainment industry :D Hope they're still friends.. though leader said he makes it very clearly when breaks up with someone :D

he's really cool admitting it... I just wonder when did they date? A year.. two years... three years ago?

PS: Jung Min's answer was hilarious! :D Teasing leader about him dating by himself :D :D

Anonymous said...

its Gummy.

Anonymous said...

Guess what! "Kim Hyun Joong Girlfriend" became No.1 search word in Yahoo Korea. Lol
She'll be in trouble if fans ever found out.

aisling said...

I really hope she won't be in the trouble, because I believe what Kyu said "Our fans are the kindest".

Anonymous said...

Whishful thinking...Hwang Bo??^^

lps0180 said...

so curious to know who it was...
But some antis can be scary...i think leader was bold to own up thou...
I wish it was hyori more than hwangbo...

Anonymous said...

LOL now netizen hunting who is the EX...
related him to all females celebrity name around him..
but i just guess.. she is not someone we think now.. kkkk..

Anonymous said...

NetiZens say that it's sugar's soo-jin also known as cha eun jae. She's the girl where kim bum had a crush on from boys over flowers. :(

Anonymous said...

i never heard anything about sugar
soo jin before, i will find it in google, hehehehe...

i just know about gummy, hyori, tiffany, hwang bo, and his first ex before debut ( but i dont think they are the one who leader talked about).

leader is so popular, what he said is always be number 1 news, showing his popularity is peak right now.

Anonymous said...

Seo jin? Its true or not? But i know for this kind of thing, netizen always proved they are great detective .Omg korean netizen power! Really curious why netizen guessing she is seo jin. What is the reason?

So it means they were in the same drama b4?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. That girl was kim bum's first love in boys over flowers. She was the pottery teacher.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why korean netizen guess she is seojin? What prove they have? Photo or something?
This seojin name appear suddenly out of blue. So i guess, netizen has some prove, so they guess she is her?
Any korean netizen here? Really want to know

lps0180 said...

Yah, korean netizens r superb detectives...
But i really don't see any connection btw the two of them other than starring in BOF.
Must admit that i felt slightly disappointed when i first saw the news in allkpop. But i guess wat's most impt is leader must be happy.
Hi liezle, i'm happen to chance upon ur blog while searching for photos of HK concert...great blog u have...quick updates. Another site for me to satisfy my leader's craving other than wing's wordpress. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe, the dating period is not during or after BOF. They have known each other before BOF.
It could happen, because soojin is singer as well before her group disbanded. She could be categorized idol too in the past. So they have 'connection'
and she is one year older than hyun joong.
Wahh i kinda curious if it is really her or not. Need prove...

Anonymous said...

he has a girlfriend.
fans should love her like they love him. we should trust him to choose wisely.