Sunday, December 27, 2009


I believe that shirbogurl21 deserves a page on my blog. ^_^

It's not goodbye to Shirley BUT ONLY to shirbogurl. So here is my


to shirbogurl for all the videos she put on YouTube for the past seven months.

And to thank her thousands of viewers, she put this up on her shirbogurl3.

Guys, shirbogurl made another channel to put almost all the vids that were lost on shirbogur21. This is her retirement channel... shirbogurl501 [but we've to wait for few more days before all vids are uploaded].

Shirley, we'll see you more often here, right? We've still many things to talk about. You and our friends still have many things to plan.

Btw, I've seen the comments on your blog, I'm happy that the word that I made up just for you to 'thank you' has been attached to your name. ThanKYU... ThanKYU once again for all the vids.


Anonymous said...

ThanKYU shirbogurl! If not for you I don't think I'll be updated with all the videos of SS501.

You upload so fast. You and Liezle have a great teamwork.

Liezle, I hope you are not thinking of stopping too.

liezle said...

Hee, I just want to share here what I wrote on shirbogurl3 since i'm pretty sure my post will going to the back pages pretty soon. ^_^

Shirley, super thanks for all the vids that you've put on YT. You know very well that your vids constantly appear on my blog and we've a good partnership as others say it. I'm not going to miss you bec we'll still be in touch and you'll still be appearing on my blog. We've still many things to talk and plan about, right? SS501 made us closer. Until there's SS501 we'll be together even on the net.

Btw, when I saw the vid I remember all the stories behind it. It gave me a good time to think about those times. See you girl Hmm... BKK? Yeah!

marge0256 said...

awww. that was sweet liezle! :)

oh yes. You and Shirley have a good teamwork and friendship going there. :) Keep it up. I am so glad to have met people like you and Shirley. Cheers to the both of you for all the love you give to the boys through your hardwork in your blog and Shirley's account. :)

take care the both of you. I hope to meet you shirley, and hope to meet you again liezle. I'm such a fan of both your blog and Shirley's YT account. very updated! :D

job well done!

marydewitt said...

thanKYU for all your love and Sharing of our boys!!!Aprreciate it very much...

shirbo said...

of course i'll still be here!! i just need time to work on the "bigger" project and stuff for myself...all the messages i've been getting...THANK YOU!! really touching and makes me wanna come back sooner!! hehe will try not to be lazy!! hehe

trippi said...

wow. im really sad that all the comments were gone.

but i'm really excited for the "BIGGER" project she's working on :D

Anonymous said...

Shirley, i thank you for all the hard work you have done for SS501, the time, effort, energy, money, (translations, uploading, editing, video, travelling - etc); you have no idea how you and Liezle have brought unity to all SS501 followers/supporters/fans

Liezle, thank you also for making your blog a channel for us to convey our love for SS501

i reiterate what i've said a couple of weeks ago: DSP should commend both of you for what you have done for SS501.