Monday, December 28, 2009

[Eng Subbed] Family X-Files HJL & SeungRi Cut

I'm sure everyone was surprised to see Hyun Joong in 'Family Outing' yesterday. It was actually FO's X-Files episode and I'm so happy that they've included that part.

Anyway, iBreatheLifeMusic [who is always fast with her trans and sharing] just subbed Hyun Joong and Seungri's portion, you can already view it on her YT channel. Click HERE to watch.

Thank you again Ji Youn!


For those who do not have access to YT at the moment, susAmerica did a brief summary of what was said on FO on khj thread @ soompi. I've shove some of her her translation here before I'm sure she won't mind me sharing this here once again.

Family Outing BTS Clip Brief Summary
by susAmerica on khj thread @ soompi

KHJ greets the fans of F-O and says that he had a great time filming for the FO. Although it was for one day, it was like spending a day with a family on national holiday--they played games and everybody took care of him well . He addresses Seung Ri who also guested on that same FO show. KHJ says that he thought KHJB of SS501 is the youngest and most ambitious but found out that Seung Ri who is the youngest of Big Bang is also very ambitious and wishes all the best to Seung Ri in conquering the variety shows.

@0.51 Lee Hyori states that Seungri really envies the people that Daesung hangs out with (I guess because Dae Sung is a regular in FO and supposedly really good in many variety shows.) She also asks Seungri with whom he would like to become very close friend. Seungri immediately gets up and embraces the main host of FO, Yoo Jae Suk, who also hugs him back. Hyori and the man sitting next to Hyori talks about how Seungri really seems to like JaeSuk. Hyori asks why Seungri likes him so much and Seungri says he just likes him a lot. (Sorry but I do not really understand 1:13 ~ 1:23 about Yoo stepping on someone to get to where he is--just don't get the joke.)

@1:25 Seungri says to MCYoo that FO's PD told him that the popularity of DaeSung and Seungri by the FO audience is no joke and that Seungri's popularity is higher than DaeSung. So the PD is stressing over who to choose between Daesung and Seungri for the show. So, Seungri is asking MCYoo for his choice. MCYoo is saying that such decision is upto the PD and Seungri insists that Yoo make a choice. Yoo asks Seungri if he really wants to know? and Yoo says DaeSung. Seungri waves his hand and says this is all a conspiracy and that something went wrong. The answer was not suppose to be that.,,,

@2:04 MCYoo addresses KHJ that he heard that KHJ used to fight a lot during high school. KHJ says that is not true, it is a misunderstnading--he had to go to high school one more year more than others. (KHJ said one sentence after that but I could not decipher--sorry.) MC Yoo asks about Seungri's student days and Seungri appears to be crying and, on the screen, is a phrase that he feels like crying just thinking about it. (I guess he does not miss his high school years that much.)

@2:30 On the screen is a sentence that, 'due to these two idols, they had a fun morning.' and again on the screen is a sentence, 'that is not the end of the story of idols.'

@2:40 Everybody is suppose to be sleeping and Lee Hyori addresses Seungri, 'did any female idol ever ask you for a date?' Seungri seems to be fumbling for what to say.(hmmm Then he says, ',,,other members,,,,no, nobody asked me.')

Then, Hyori addresses KHJ saying, 'I think HyunJoong probably was asked a lot.' To which KHJ says, 'Since the drama exploded, he has not been able to go to broadcasting studios...' On the screen is: 'unlike his appearance, his way of talking is coarse/rough.' Everybody laughs and you can see KHJ laughing because his stomach is moving up and down. MCYoo comments that KHJ is truly a charming person.

Hyori asks MCYoo if he knows that HyunJoong's ideal female type is her? We suddenly hear MCYoo snoring loudly. Hyori asks KHJ if he remembers their duet song and he says yes and they start singing together. On the screen are these words: They start out carefully...the others are getting agitated,,,are they really singing the same song?,,,total misharmony...even so, supposedly they sang all night long,,,


liezle said...

Just in case you missed reading violet's post on the previous page, the song that Hyori and Hyun Joong sang is 'Christmas Eve' of Kim Hyun Chul. They sang it to celebrate the founding of TripleS in 2005.

Thanks again violet for the info.


EarthtoBella said...

Thanks Liezle! Been a long time lurker of your blog and I'm glad you're putting up recaps (for us unlucky peeps who have no access to YT).