Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lucky TSJ... 2nd Christmas with SS501 coming soon

SS501 will be in Japan this coming weekend. Not sure though if they're leaving on Friday or Saturday morning. But by looking at the details of the event, I believe the SS501 will be leaving this coming Friday.

'SS501 `2nd Christmas Show!`' will take place on December 19th at the Tsuru [Banquet Room] of The New Otani [Hotel] in Tokyo.

Here are the details of the Christmas Show

Thanks to ♥ HYS ♥ for the translation.

SS501 2nd Christmas Show

2009 12 19 (2 shows, day and night)
day show: 12.30pm door open/ 1pm start of lunch / 3.30pm showtime
2pm is the ending time for lunch
night show: 6.30pm door open/ 6.45pm start of dinner/ 8.30pm showtime
7.15pm is the ending time for dinner

After the meals, the boys will have live talk, candle services and have planned many unique and unexpected Christmas show. For all the participants will receive gifts that has the boys' recorded voice message card.

Here's last year's clip of TSJ Christmas with SS501.


Anonymous said...

Lucky TSJ! I hope we get to know how things are there on Saturday. But everytime SS501 is in Japan information are hard to come by.

Thank you Liezle.

Luchi said...

Oh my.. they seem to have chenged so much this past year, but the change has been so smooth it's hard to notice without watching this vid or others from last year and such!^^ I love both their appearences,can't decide!^^