Monday, December 21, 2009

'Strong Heart' Behind the Scene Stories

Remember I told you before that I will be sharing with you behind the scene stories from 'Strong Heart' where Hyun Joong, Jung Min and Maknae were amongst the guests?

Well, this is it!!!

I'm pretty sure you will love what you will read here since they came straight from violet. I'm sure you also remember that I told you that a friend watched the recording of 'Strong Heart', right? ^_^ Anyway, whether you remember it or not, here's the story. Super thanks violet! Really appreciate your sharing. I wish I was there too! Hee, next time.

'Strong Heart' Behind the Scene Stories

by violet / liezle's blog

Story #1 ~ Sweet and Thoughtful Hyun Joong
hyunjoong gave snacks to fans.
when break time came, hyunjoong, jungmin and maknae were eating snacks.
suddenly hyunjoong came to us and gave their snacks.
they were walnut breads.
thank you leader!!

Story #2 ~ Kind Jung Min
kind jungmin
jungmin drunk water too much.
so he went to the toilet very often.
one time, he brought a blanket and gave it to Yang Mira who was a guest and wore a mini skirt when he came back from the toilet.

Story #3 ~ Attacked by the Feathers
hyunjoong suddenly ran out of the studio.
strong heart is a kind of battle talk show.
if one lose, he has to be attacked by feathers.
hyunjoong lose to maknae.
when feathers were blown to leader's face,
a feather seemed to have gone to his nose..
he seemed to have suffocated [?] and suddenly ran out of the studio.
recording was stopped for a while.
he lose three times during the recording.

Story #4 ~ Adorable Hyun Joong
all staffs love hyunjoong.
a chief producer gave staffs instructions not to edit hyunjoong's stories.
one of the writers got his autograph during the break time.
there were three monitors in the studio.
hyunjoong appeared almost all the time on one of them.
camera operator must have loved him too.^^

Story #5 ~ Almost My Chance ^_^
hyunjoong and i were alone in the hallway.
i met him in the hallway.
there were no fans.
he and i were alone. kk
i want to tell him thank you.
but he was talking with a staff.
i just looked and passed by him.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing violet and liezle! I love hearing fan accounts :D

Anonymous said...

I would knock down the staff, and kidnap Leader right there in the hallway. Lol
Thanks so much for sharing

bb said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... lovely lovely BTS stories! (mimicking leader's teasing voice.... encore...?) keke, got anymore stories?

ps. to anonymous #2 above, if you're from SG, then yay, i'm behind you ALLLLLLLLL... the way :p

thanks for sharing, all generous souls :)

marge0256 said...

thanks for sharing these stories. It gave me a smile. Thanks to you liezle, and to violet too :D

Despite being on overtime for more than 6 hours already. reading this made me smile and somehow lose the feeling of sleepiness. hehe

Belle said...

BTS are the best, thanks for sharing Violet & Liezle. Jungmin is always such a gentleman and trust him to notice these things. Ahhh.. Liezle, I love Leader but I heart Jungmin, that's the place I am in at the moment kekekeke

andydandy said...

thank you violet ^^
and number 5 was the sweet-est! :D

Luchi said...

I'm spazzing too much to even think straight!!*_* Hyun Joong, Jung Miin!! <333

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liezle and Violet for sharing, I love BTS stories, especially leader's !

Anonymous said...

i love leader ^-^ love to hear all the sweet stories behind his tough love facade ^-^ thank you violet and liezle!!!

Anonymous said...

LOl @ anonymous #2... I would do the same! He he ...
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

waw so sweet..:)