Monday, December 28, 2009

SS501 wearing BANC

Remember I posted last week HERE Maknae wearing BANC hooded sweater and a tee? Few more photos of SS501 wearing BANC are posted on by 내남자♡.

Like I wrote earlier, BANC [Block and Character] has many nice designs. I bought four tees when I was in Seoul last October as gifts and I find them not too expensive. The next time I go to Seoul, I'll definitely buy one hooded jacket. ^_^

BANC can be found in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. ^_^ If you want to see more of BANC designs, click HERE to visit their website.

I'm re-posting Maknae again just to complete all five members wearing BANC. ^_^


Anonymous said...

thanks for the BANC link to its website.

Luna les reveur said...

waaaa... i love lego-like designs hahaha.. ol of them are cute but i prefer Leader's, Saengie's (i really like yellow), and JM's ^__^

i hope they can be purchased from the Philippines? i'd like to buy hoodies

mary said...

Hey liezle :)
I was just wondering if you know the address to their shop in LA or New York. I can;t seem to find it on the website you posted XP

Thanks for keeping such an awesome blog =))
Have a great new year :)


liezle said...

Hi Mary!

I'll check with my friend if she can help us locate where in LA and NY. I actually gotten those states and countries from the bag that they gave me when I bought the tees in their store when I was in Seoul.


All for 규 ♥ said...

BANC was expensive!
I remembered I bought a t-shirt at 48,000 won.
Hoodies will cost more than 80,000 won
But the last time i went to Seoul I couldnt find the authentic BANC shops..those cheap BANC stores that are everywhere are copies.

liezle said...

Hi xiaochu! There's a store in Myeongdong that sells only BANC brands that is near the side entrance of Forever 21. They even have cute notebooks. ^_^