Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[Video] Today's DK Party

DK Party was held today and some from HSScandal was there.

Here's a video shared by 오공일빵 on

Hee, Leader is singing and dancing to Rainism! ^_^ Soooo handsome! And I want a GOOD video of that dance! He look so sexy dancing it!

If you can't watch the video above you may click HERE.

P.S. Here's YT video as tipped by one Anonymous in one of the comment boxes. Thanks to conightime for the upload on YT>


Anonymous said...

and soooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyy...><
gyaaaaaaa hot hot hot..
and i wanna see his rainism dance full fancam from up to toe... hehhehehhe

Sudal said...

It's a fancam from HSSCANDAL. Reup by me.

091212 AT in Hong Kong. Our leader is lovely. Who is he looking for?? Young Saeng ah? =)) It's fun

finkle said...

My jaw dropped and I almost fainted from hotness when I saw the video. The ending part of the dance was the BEST! OMG this is really one of the hottest video I ever seen of him!!!!!!! In a daze right now..

Anonymous said...

dont die first LOL.. finally can see his full sexy body movement in rainism dance... watch this fancam... you know the point in rainism dance is.. ^^

*dies now*

kinghyunjoong has youtube channel.. they upload their video in their youtube channel... ahhh kinghyunjoong always have the best fancam

rainism dance (kinghyunjoong version)

kadd said...

this is so so awesomeeeee! such cool and sexy moves...
love his fan service at the end best! lol!

thanks for the sharing, liezle!