Thursday, December 17, 2009

here's your dose of hyun joong ^_^

I'm shoving here more photos from the post of 알리아 on khj0606 from the DK Party that happened last night. Of course thanks to Latigre for the tip on the sidebar. ^_^ Huge thanks too to the shutterbag which name can be found on the image.

Oh man! I'm running out of words again to describe these handsome creature. Won't wast my time thinking, I'll just stare at his handsome face and beautiful smile.


Anonymous said...

The cocktails look good but HJL looks better. OMG he is smexy just holding that cocktail glass. Everything he does makes me giddy.

Thank you Liezle for sharing. You have been spoiling us with so many SS501. I love coming to your blog.


Anonymous said...

Heaps of thanks, Liezle... uri Hyun Joong is my beloved,my stress from work is all gone just stared at him....thanks for your update every day, komapda !! And I envied you attended HK concert... :)


Anonymous said...


Four different colors of wine, I wonder how does it feel to drink all of that. But the way by looking at all pictures I think KHJ
likes it and look at the way he smile so handsome. Thanks Liezl for the updates and wishing you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Let's drink and be merry this holiday seasons. Cheers! to all.

Anonymous said...


its to die for

debz said...

liez no words can describe how smexy hjl eyes hurt just by looking at his beautiful face..

and the cocktail part..oh man..for me thats sin right there!!

anyway super thank you liez for always making us happy!!!!!!