Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the king of pout part 4

Went to check my old files of SS501 and found few more photos of the 'King of Pout'. Hee, this is already Part 4 of the my 'King of Pout' series. Do you remember this, this, and this?

Here's another set for those who love Jung Minnie's pouting. Hope this will put a smile on your face especially at times like this when we are lacking news about SS501.

Don't you just looking at Jung Minnie doing a pout. Really adorable, right?

I know I've several GIFs but can't find where I placed that set. Anyway, here's one stashed in on the folder where I got the above.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Damn... so cute!

P.S. Thanks to all the shutterbugs whose photos I've used in this post.


mel_1223 said...

Liezleeee! Been awhile since i drop a msg here :). how are you doing?

Mal is really too cute! it has really been such a quiet time..thanks for all the cute pouts, he is much more cuter than the duckie he is holding at the last pic there ^_^

liezle said...

HA! I knew that i can make you come out with this post! Hi there Mel! It's been a while. ^_^

I'll try my best to find my file of GIF with him pouting. You'll surely love that one.

Btw, i think that he's even yummier than the dessert he's holding. ^_^


Aan. said...

OMG....Jungminnie so cute.

Love him forever.
Thanks a lot Liezle,love ur blog so much.

mel_1223 said...

Haha yup, you surely know how to make me come out! Mal is definitely much yummieer than the dessert. N my face was like inching closer n closer to the duckie pout screen ;P

Thanks, i'll be looking forward to the GIF!

How was your Xmas celebration? wish you a Happy New Year 2010 in advance and hope for more great things for you in the coming year :)

Jacqueline said...

THANK YOU!!! Love your King of Pout series. I am absolutely positively 501% sure no one does it better than our Jungminnie♥

It's so bittersweet that the boys don't have much schedules these days cos that means we don't get to see them much but then at the same time they get to rest, which is what they need they're all so skinny now..

Luchi said...

Liezle.......... I looove you!!:D Though please understand that you're second next to all of SS501!;D Hehe, you're getting really close though, keep posting these kinds of pics and you'll soon be up first!;D (I lie, they'll always be first with me)....

Anyways!^^ I have a suprise for you, but there may be some issues on it... I gotta check something first, but I'll e-mail you if it works out! So be on the look-out!:)


Anonymous said...

Not much schedules doesn't means that they can be rest,they still need to do preparations & practices for new album & etc,they're not magicians which everythings can come automatically.

Anonymous said...


sara said...

oh he is so cute in these photos!!!
Ilove his pouts!
but some of them are old!right?

violettacal said...

Loving your King of pout part 4 Liezle!!! (& part 1,2,3 too ^^)

Ease my thoughts for SS boys. Especially when we dun get to see much of their news these days!

shienyin said...

Hi Liezle you don't failed to cheer us up with cute Jung Min's pouting even during this time when there is not much news about SS501 thank you so much. Lastly wish you a very happy and prosperous 2010 new year in ahead. Hope the new year will bring you more joys and great things.

aja ja said...

haha "king of pout" <3
yup2 ! :D argh really like this .
jungmin oppa , saranghae <3