Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Music High Christmas Special 12.21.09

Following photos were lifted from the post of 아코 on SS601.com which came from Weolcheok.

I believe these photos of Maknae were taken at his booth of Music High at SBS. The post in SS601.com doesn't say much so I don't really know if there was a webcast during Music High Christmas Special earlier or none.

Anyway, hope to know more later.

shirbogirl_with _the_luggage ^_^ might just have an idea what went on Music High earlier. I know she listen at times.


shirbo said...

It was Music high's first public broadcast event of "Christmas Insomnia" yesterday at 7 pm. i think it will be aired later..probably on christmas. it wasn't live that's for sure!!

liezle said...

hey girl, thanks for the info. if you happen to know more of the details let us know, k?



Candy said...

HJB looks chubby in his red shirt. cute! :)