Friday, December 18, 2009

Radio Star last episode gist

Have you guys seen the last part of Radio Star that was on Shirley's shirbogurl3 YT with SS501 as their guest?

Alright, I know that many are already waiting for the English subs of the video. Don't worry it'll be out soon by Shirley as I've already seen and read the translation. Anyway, it was another interesting episode in 'Radio Star'. And I think that despite the MCs frequent bullying on Maknae, I believe that they like his honesty and being straight forward. I think that Maknae has mature a lot.

For a starter [sorry for the many typo error again, i did this in a rush since i've to go to the post office to claim a package] , they were doing mimickry. As always Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Maknae mimick some singers. Amongst the three, the MCs gave their approval the most to Young Saeng for mimicking pretty well the voice of Kim Kyung Ho. Kyu Jong got the least vote. Maknae was again bullied for mimicking Bobby Kim since one of the MCs know that he mimicked Bobby Kim already in 'Champagne' saying that he cannot always do him in several programs. ^_^

Then the MCs shifted to a new topic by asking who amongst the members changed a lot since debut. Everyone said Kyu Jong. They didn't talk about appearance but mentioned that he used to talk with heavy accent before. Though Young Saeng also came from another town, he's accent is not as heavy as Kyu Jong. At that Kyu Jong confessed that Young Saeng understood his accent the most. Btw, during the show Young Saeng also talked with accent.

Then the MCs segway to another question. One of them asked who between H.O.T and Sechs Kies they like most. Young Saeng picked H.O.T., Kyu Jong chose Sechs Kies, Leader didn't choose either since he likes Metallica, Jung Min didn't choose any too. So this leaves Maknae to break the tie. But the funny thing is he chose neither too. He answered that he likes Jang Dong Gun making everyone laugh and the MC picking on him again. Maknae is really adorable when he does those cute replies. That is what makes him different and stands out from the rests.

Next come an interesting question from Jung Hwa. He asked "Then why do you think you’re formed as a 5 member group which is the same number as TVXQ? You should of have been a 6 member group if we consider this sequence."

We've known the answer from yesterday, right. But there is really something interesting when members answered this question. The plan was originally for them to be seven. According to Kyu Jong, two members didn't like Hyung Joon. Jung Min then added that the two young members tend to obey the others well but somehow, they tend to stick their chin out to Hyung Joon. Hyun Joong said then that they tend to disobey him when they are a year younger than him. So what he did was to asked members to vote them off from the team.

I find this cute, really, Maknae must have some authority back then since he was the first to be casted. He must have talked to the other members to get a favorable vote. ^_^ And you already know the rest of the story and how Maknae wants to reconcile with them.

Following the voting thing, Kim Gura then asked who the leader now and how he became the leader. Hyun Joong said that he was asked to be the leader but he was not ready for the position yet. Next candidate was Maknae. But instead of giving the position to Maknae they ended up with votation giving 3 votes to Hyun Joong and 2 to Maknae. Then Hyun Joong said jokingly that he's supposed to get all votes but 2 members felt sorry for Maknae. ^_^ Hee, expect Leader to be saying that sort of thing.

And they were asked who their current rival now. Hyun Joong answered humbly that he couldn’t possibly compare anyone to them though they're not the best. Then Maknae said that their rivals are their superior singers.

I'll skip the other parts that I find not so interesting though there are only few of that.

Another interesting part was when Hyun Joong told the story when he was in his teens and was a rebellious son. He mentioned about going to the police station for couple times. Then later on realized that when he was young he thought punching was better than getting punched. But now, he realized that he'd rather get punched than punching at someone. He also talked about working at an early age and not getting any allowances from his parent and cut class by getting out of the school's back door.

Towards the end of the show each one was asked an interesting question.

For Jung Min he was asked ."What does Jang Dong Gun means to Jung Min?" His reply was "Well…it’s somewhat bitter. "

To Hyun Joong, his question is "What does Hyung Joon means to Hyun Joong?" Leader replied "He’s the youngest and the charming member in the team with a high ambition. And I personally wish that he can fulfill his dreams in the near future. "

For Maknae, "What does “Ambition” means to Hyung Joon?" His reply is "It’s a dream that all the human being should possess." Then he was asked again [the MCs are making fun of him but really in a good way. I think they like him] "Okay then, what does high spirits means to Hyung Joon?" Then Maknae said, "It’s like the word used for, ‘I’ve given my high spirits’. Having too much happiness. ".

For Maknae again "What does Hyun Joong means to Hyung Joon?" Maknae replied, "Cool friend and an older brother but also my rival in good intention. " Then he was asked, "When do you think that you’ll be able to catch his spot?". Maknae, "Hmm…maybe in a year or even in 6 months?" Which makes everyone laugh.

Maknae is really cute.

Sorry guys, that was kinda long and might have bore you a lot. Anyway, let's wait for Shirley's English subbed video which will be out soon. It's better to watch it and see for yourself their expressions while giving out their answers.


sume said...

haha.. not boring at all! i laughed while reading it :)

tota ayumi said...

wooooooooooow u know liezle first time i saw this long post "and im really sleepy now" ^^ ,,i thought i will not gonna to read it now may be later or also when the vid out ,,but i said lets see wht is talking abt and suddenly i finished it hahahahahahaha its not boring at alll ,,its soooo funnny and our boys r become soo charming day after day i looove them like a crazy person hahahahaha :D
cant wait tell the vid out with the sub ^^,,thanx liezle for your hard working for us really i appreciate that ^__^,,,saranghyooo chingu ^^

p.s : i hate the way that some M.C treat out makane with its really makes me feel soooo sad for him ,,when they will gonna to see him as a real man not just the youngest member "sigh"

2dd P.S : sorry for the long comment ^^

marge0256 said...

thanks for sharing liezle :)

Anonymous said...

I don't find Maknae cute at all...he kinda....

anyways,thanks for translated

Anonymous said...

^ Anti alert?

you must know all these were said in the name of fun. maknae's just frank and not a hypocrite, and that's what we all like about the boys.

xav said...

hey liezel thanks alot i love this post. in actualy fact i dont think it was long at all, i had great fun reading and my how i hope it was longer :D

thanks alot, rly. :D

Anonymous said...

I don't find Maknae cute at all...he kinda....

me too!

Anonymous said...

oh dearie maknae, please calm down/slow down a bit. The youngest in SS501 is definitely not the one who gets least attention but the one with a good deal of attention and ambition. Even his hyungs are not as ambitious. They are close like siblings, right? I mean anyone should be striving for self-betterment but there's no need for rivalry between siblings.

It may be cute and adorable when I heard of it for the first time, to some extent. However, continued. I feel that it is a little bit gone overboard. I wonder how Leader would feel hearing all those things. To tell the truth, I would be hurt if I were him.

I'm not an anti nor trying to criticize anyone, but I can't help feeling sad; cuz I love the boys after all. Seeing this is just...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with above comment.

first time it okay but he still continue to saying it more and more...I feel sad for other members

To 5th comment

I don't find maknae cute then I become an anti?
dude,not everyone think he cute....

Anonymous said...

It's great to be ambitious and proud. It's a trait that all great men should have.

However, SS501 is a team. Teamwork and cooperation should resonate above all. SS501 won't be SS501 anymore should magnae stick out as the most popular representative of the group, leaving his members behind.

I've felt magnae has gone a bit overboard in his zealous desire to be better than his hyung(s).

I admire his honesty though.

Anonymous said...

just my opinion.. it's okay that baby have a high ambition, but lately, he seems to really jealous with leader's popularity.
i dont mind to offend baby, but i wonder how is leader feel about that? he might be sad coz one of his members looked at him as rival.
i do hope baby get more attention, so he can reach his goal.
they are brothers, and i believe they loved each other.
fighting leader, and fighting baby.
you'll get ur turn, dont be so sad, okay?

Anonymous said...

Naturally you feel something against maknae if you are a leader-only fan.

if anything is said even in the name of laughters, you will feel some what anti feeling against maknae, because the topic of his discussion was leader.

I don't think maknae said those and treat leader as a rival in any way. it was said to produce laughters.

Again, what about leader saying the votes for maknae should belong to him when they voted as to whom should become "leader"? What about leader and other members saying maknae always watch porn? Are they trying to spoil maknae's image? How come nobody said anything when leader said those stuff?

Is it because those above are leader-only fans? Anything said against leader...leads to such feeling within you?

Kyu is my favourite but I don't like it when Triple S (if I may call you that, or do you want to be addressed as Hyunnie only?) don't even support all members.

Anonymous said...

how come above comment sound like anti HJL's fan instead...

Anonymous said...

sorry for my posting if i offend somebody, im just worried it's will affect their relationship. others said it's crisis time for idol group who had debut for 5 years, i hope our ss501 will survive longer, till end.

im not against baby, i love him, he's cute and sweet, i really wish him the best for his next project, so he'll get more attention like leader also wish for him.

im just shocked with leader and jm fought for 2 months, thx god it's over. i dont want baby and leader had a same situation, may be i think to far, i just want the best for this group.

La Vie En Rose said...

fought for 2 monthe calls "friendship"
don't need to be more weird if they never fight before

Maknae got bullied by HJL&JM for reasons
he got bullied a lot,he still go this overboard,
just think about it.....

It a thin line between "ambition" and something else

no offend