Saturday, December 26, 2009

Every Persona has a BIG Surprise

We've seen seven Persona concerts : two in Seoul, two in Japan, one each in Taiwan, Shanghai and the last one was in Hong Kong. And each and every Persona that we've seen be it we are in the actual concert or just waiting in front of our computer for updates we felt the excitement.

The first Persona was in August 1 at 1st Gymnasium of Olympic Park in Seoul. It was a two night concert that was well attended [though not really jampacked]

In this concert no one expected Leader to strip off his shirt while performing 'Please Be Good to Me' for about 8 minutes of major hotness. The word 'jjitjoong' was made because of the ripping of his shirt. He made thousand of women screamed, giddy, gasping for breath and go crazy.

As for Maknae, we've seen a grown man, sexy man in while sleeveless shirt doing sexy dance while performing 'Hey G'. And yeah who would have forgotten that he exposed himself. He was on the riser and he removed his white top. Click HERE to see that again. Then surprised everybody when he gave her that kiss on the lips.

And Young Saeng, who would have thought that he would perform 'Nameless Memory' a ballad with sexiness that made me want to shout out loud 'take it off! [his jacket]' . He even spoke in English which you may check HERE. And on the second night of Persona in Seoul, everyone was surprised to see the new hairstyle of Young Saeng.

In Persona in Seoul, SS501 also surprised us by performing '4Chance' differently. Honestly, I can't imagine them dancing to Tango... straight back, flipped hands, glidding and the likes... but they did. And they look good doing it.

From Person in Seoul, we have all been looking forward to their next leg, right? And as much as possible would have wanted to be in any if not all.

Like I said we've already seen seven Persona concerts and each concert SS501 gives us something to get giddy and talk about until the next one. Here's something that I made today. I have compiled in one post [to my best of ability] some of the clips wherein they surprised us anew.

Persona in Japan. We've actually seen only few clips from this concert because of copyright issue. But since the DVD [still copyright issue is out there so better watch now before these vids are taken down] is out, there are few clear videos that came out yesterday that show us performances of each members that were not in any other Persona concerts. Just like this performance of Kyu Jong's 'Wuss Up' [i just remembered YS also did this in Persona in Seoul but the video in Japan is clearer ^_^]

Kyu Jong performing 'Story' [Japanese Song]

Persona in Taiwan. Jung Min singing 'Tai Mi Mi'. His rendition of this song was very impressive. Fans said that his diction is almost perfect.

Persona in Shanghai. Jung Min surprised the fans again by singing 'Friends'. He was again given a resounding applause.

Persona in Hong Kong. Jung Min surprised the fans with another Chinese song, this time it's 'Chase'. Just like in Taiwan and Shanghai, fans joined him in singing and was given another thunderous applause.

Young Saeng rocked the house with his performance of 'You Are My Heaven' feat Kim Hyung Joon. Then followed by the rock version of 'Find'.

And during the encore SS501 came our wearing Santa suit and singing 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'

Since Persona in Seoul, fans have been anticipating Kim Hyun Joong's 'Jjitjoong'. Though we've seen him stripped off his shirt 7 times, his performance always brings the house down, making temperature rise, ladies fainting, endless OMG and cursing.

Let's look back and check again Hyun Joong's 'Please Be Good To Me' peformances from Seoul to Hong Kong and tell me if you have any favorite.

Persona in Seoul

Persona in Japan

Persona in Taiwan

Persona in Shanghai

Persona in Hong Kong

Seven Persona concerts. Two or three more coming. What could be SS501's next surprise. I'm excited to know!

Do you have any thing that you want? Hee, I'd like to see more skin from Jung Min and Kyu Jong. ^_^ And also I want to see Jung Min perform a faster song and dance number.

Btw, thanks to all the YT uploaders. ^_^


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. You make it fun to visit your blog even when there is no news about SS501.

Of all the jjitjoong that I have seen I like the Seoul one the best. It was the first and the first is always the best. HJL is overflowing with sexiness!!! But I remember when i saw it that I was so jealous of the lady dancer.

I was in Person in HongKong. I am glad I attended. I think that HK is the best Persona.

marge0256 said...

I agree with you anonymous. Persona Seoul was first. Jjitjoong was outstanding. Haha.

1st is memorable. But HK was I think the best so far :D

liezle. You're right we should see jm in a dance song :)andmore kyu!!!

Thanks for this :D

Anonymous said...

I think Hongkong is the best Persona.

And also Triples hk so fast update pic and video for us.

Anonymous said...

Yess,i agree with Anonymous 1 and 3 and Marge,i think Hongkong is the best Persona Concert.

I didn't attended persona in hk
But I saw pic and video Persona in Hongkong is the Best.

LaTigre said...

I agree with Anonymous 1&3, Seoul Jjitjoong was great, fan's hysterical reactions were priceless. I also love Taiwan's Jjitjoong because of the way Leader kept his shirt on until the last minutes; the anticipation made it very sexy.
Can't wait for the next Persona. I wonder what the boys have for us fans this time. They are just so talented.

Emz.Infinity said...

a big thank you, liezle. for always bringing us anything on the guys. always enjoy getting the daily doses of ss501 from your blog. :)

marydewitt said...

Thanks Liezle for the amazing summary of SS501 Persona... Love your blog.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Liezle for recapturing everything special about Persona, especially for those of us who did not get to attend. Was devastated to hear that the tour is ending in Feb and Singapore won't be included.. Will definitely have to get my fix when the DVD finally comes out..

On another note, much as I wanna see Jungmin do faster songs I absolutely love it when he does the slow numbers.. His deep soulful voice never fails to make my heart flutter.. ♥JUNGMIN!