Sunday, December 20, 2009

fancam of hyunjoong and young saeng @ the gimpo 12.20.09

Here's a fancam from HSScandal posted on by 오공일빵.

If you cannot view the above video click HERE.

Here's same video as the above but in YT. Thanks to Shirley for posting on her shirbogurl3 channel.

After seeing this video, it makes me think that Hyun Joong realized that all the other members weren't beside him thus he run. ^_^

Here's the swift file of cute hyun joong cut at the airport when i think he realized that the members went ahead of him. ^_^


o|nK said...

When i watch the video, i keep thinking about the captions that you put. It really cracks me up. Anyway, did KJ and JM return with them?

kbklynish said...

Haaaahahahahaa... it's too cute!!

"Hey guys--huh? Wait for me!!"

WanNurNasyitah said...

hes so cute.
he so confident smiling here n there.
suddenly went he realized his 'brothers' weren't there.
he started to run like a child lost his mother.

Anonymous said...

Lol, can he get any more adorable than that.

Anonymous said...

omg, i feel sorry that they always get ambushed whenever they're at an airport

& i just cant help but laugh whenever they get mobbed by fans, even though i would probably be one of them ;D