Thursday, December 17, 2009

another dose of heo young saeng

Thanks to Sudal for sending this set of photos. I agree with her, this set is worth having its own page.

Hats off to Sine of HKTripleS for capturing Young Saeng wonderfully while he performs 'Find' that surprised everyone at the Persona in Hong Kong.

Alright, you've done your exercise with the 120 plus photos of Hyun Joong, this time around do a little more finger exercise by grabbing these photos. You may now start click... click... save.

Enlarge the following thumbnail by clicking on the image.


Anonymous said...

HEO YOUNG SAENG!!!!!! You bad boy making me want to hunt you is Seoul. Love you and I cannot wait to see you in Bangkok! You better perform again the rock version of 'Find'.

WanNurNasyitah said...

i love him better in good boy.
but in bad boy version.
he's okay too.
but cant stop imagine the HK incident.
thx Liezle.

Luna les reveur said...

hehehe.... just love HYS version of Find... :) he tried rapping too... haish... i dunno but he's always been a bad boy for me .. waaaa Miss Lizzie.. am so liking him to the max!

Anonymous said...

first off, kamsamhamnida for the pictures!

YS has evolved from quiet, mysterious member to a "prince" to a happy open(?) person now he's napeun namja- whoever he wants to be - still love him ^0^ ..because he's YS!


Anonymous said...


Liezle, i just want to say that the pictures are good but it kinda steals off the attention from YoungSaeng since the one who captured it has a big logo/signage on all the pictures

thank you though for sharing

TripleS - Malaysia said...

he is hot, he is cool, he is cute, he is smart, he is unpredictable, he is bad, he is good, he is handsome, he is special, he is describe him on everything, it's gonna take me forever as it is a never ending story...just like the meaning of his name, ETERNAL....

Anonymous said...

what ever his character could be...i still love HEO YOUNG SAENG!!!! <3

thank you for having this pictures. i liked it a lot since i am an ever fanatic to ss501 especially HEO YOUNG SAENG!!!! saranghae!