Wednesday, December 23, 2009

known skeds of SS501 members

Hey everyone! Sorry I'm a bit busy to do some updating. But will do so in a while. For the meantime, here are some skeds that you may want to put in your calendar. I'll be updating the calendar on the sidebar later. ^_^ Thanks to violet for these schedule.

Dong Dong
-a radio show
-12/25 20:00~22:00
-SBS(power FM, you can use Gorealra)

Gourmand's Table (in Japan)
-a TV show
-recording: 12/26 14:00
-airing: 1/5 12:00~13:00
-Fuji TV

Pretty Bride Contest (in Japan)
-jungmin as a judge
-please wait for further details


Anonymous said...

omg, he is just gorgeous.
he is angel sent by god to me.ehhehehe.

leader won ENTERTAINER FOR THIS YEAR. i read in soompi, that he is the winner. another award for leadershi, he just deserved it.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i got wrong comment, it's should be about leader and his gorgeus pics. mianheee..