Monday, December 21, 2009

Email from Do-Concert

xiaochu shared this email in Quainte501. She probably sent an email to Do-Concert to get confirmation. I'm shoving this here so that others will know to.

Much thanks xiaochu!

Dear SS501 overseas fans

Do Concert Co.,Ltd would like to announce SS501 1st Asia Tour PERSONA in Bangkok will take place on Saturday 13 February, 2010 at Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani 19.00 hrs. (Gate open 18.00 hrs.) because of timing for production arrangement and Thailand will be the last country of this concert tour before ENCORE PERSONA Tour concert in Korea at the end of February

Do Concert Co.,Ltd. would like to apologize to all fans for this postponement so we prepare many special souvenirs for this concert such as poster, ticket envelop and other items which designed for concert in Thailand only. All fans can receive all items on February 13,2010 at the concert venue .

For fans who cannot go to concert on February 13,2010 able to contact Do Concert Co.,Ltd. ( or (66)8-6320-2579 or contact Total Reservation ( to refund ticket

For other fans can contact Total Reservation all branches to change new ticket since December 22,2010 onwards.

Look forward to receive your supports

Sincerely Yours,
Do Concert Co.,Ltd.


Kate said...

So it's confirmed...BKK as last stop. Not coming to Sg afterall...

I hope DSP will have an official announcement soon about Seoul encore...need to make up my mind on which to attend...Like the idea of V-day theme but eve of CNY...ARGHHH!!!

Thxs liezle for ur updates.

liezle said...

Hi Kate! Go to BKK then go to Seoul :) we still have more than 2 months to save.

Btw, I read that in Japan last Saturday, SS501 also mentioned about the Persona in Seoul at the end of February. So I guess it's just really a matter of official annoucement.


liezle said...

btw, I read too that the songs will be different from the other Persona concerts.


marge0256 said...

in Seoul? songs will be different?!

I wish I could go! :((

Thanks for sharing liezle!

All for 규 ♥ said...

what?! Encore concert has different songs? like maybe they'll have snow prince instead of 4chance? (keke..since u know they didnt sing snow prince during the Aug concert as it was summer) Or maybe new songs from their official 2nd album!

I'm sure i dont have the money to go for the encore concert. TT_TT
So liezle, are u going for both BKK & Seoul? I heard Seoul's concert is 27th & 28th.

liezle said...

hello xiaochu! different song different production whatever but i know it'll be different.

whoa! 2 nights again!!! i want to go!!!! i'm getting giddy just by the thought of it! remember i miss persona in seoul?

geez, tix will surely be difficult to get.

i'm going to bkk and i'm rebooking my tix now. seoul i want to go! i hope nothing will stop me from not going. i've been dreaming of going back to seoul to watch encore. i hope they'll release info soon!!!

btw, xiaochu. i agree with what you wrote on my post re bkk concert postpone. i've heard too that it's not DSP's fault and the my friend from Korea also just emailed me saying that Korean fans are also sad of the development.

But hey, just wait something good might just be announced. ^_^ crossing fingers!

violet said...

DSP told that they were replanning to have the persona con in singapore or malaysia in late jan or early feb.(it's not official.) but nothing is definate yet. i heard that they would confirm all these things until early this week.

Jungmin recorded Intimate Note today. airing will be on new year's day.

liezle said...

Thank you so much violet for the news.

But hey guys, please NOTHING IS DEFINITE YET so DO NOT put too much hope until we get to hear from DSP.

Anonymous said...

i guess we just have to take it as there will not be any singapore or malaysia concerts till further notice.

No more false hope please.. is very heart aching to go through the disappointment once again..

Vanesa said...

hi liezle! jane and i just landed in ny last night. the rest of our holiday in thailand was so awesome but now we are back home to the snow and freezing cold, booo.

so according to your posts, i guess jane and i will be seeing you in seoul at the end of february [hopefully]!

Kate said...

Hi Liezle,

Wow, i'm very keen on the Seoul's encore after reading abt different songs n productions...I want to go!!!

Hope DSP announce soon n pls update as soon as u get first hand news from all ur sources...

Hope i can get tickets, i bet they'll be selling like hot-cakes...

Guess i will keep BKK option open, hope they can come to Sg as Violet says...

Anonymous said...

WHY! I thought they mentioned before that Singapore is one of the stops... and i've been looking forward for it since. ><

Anonymous said...

Hi violet, who did Jungmin record Intimate Note with today?

liezle said...

Hi Anonymous! I'll answer on behalf of violet since she emailed me about this earlier. He recorded Intimate Note with Gyuri of Kara.


Anonymous said...

oh thanks a lot liezle! That is gonna be one hilarious episode! i am guessing that it is because they were so funny in the episode with the two groups thats why they were invited back :)

liezle said...

Actually from what I read Jung Min and Gyuri are really good friends. ^_^ That is why they can make fun of each other without awkwardness.


liezle said...

Oh hi hi Vaness! You and Jane are back in NY? I hope you guys are fully rested. Yeah I heard from a friend too that it's super chilly there right now. Take care you two and don't catch cold, k?

Persona in Seoul? Yeah let's have a reunion! Mark your calendar... it might be Feb 27 and 28!


khin said...

I wish I could join with you girls in Seoul!

KPOP! said...

sigh i'm so disappointed that they are not coming to singapore! i've always hoped that they would still come although there isn't any news. well i'm hoping hard that they might, just MIGHT still come again! i heard that the second persona starts in sept 2010, not sure if it's true or not..