Friday, December 25, 2009

Leader played 'Sudden Attack' with 15 fans

I'm sure you've read already the English translation of Leader's TOK message here. If yes and haven't seen the correction you better check again HERE. There's a big difference in the line about him going to Young Saeng's house to the new translaiton. ^_^

Done reading again?

Alright, here's something from violet. She said that after Leader chatted with some fans, he then went to play game again with some fans. This time it's not StarCraft but Sudden Attack. He played with 15 fans and left after saying 'I have a headache'. Hee, really cute!


Anonymous said...

2nd time for leader to play with fans! wonderful! i think that this is the 2nd time that the logged on and chatted with fans too. he has never done this before if i remember right.

Liezle and violet thank you.

Anonymous said...

Leader is just too adorable. I hope he takes care of his health seriously. it seems that he got sick all the time.