Friday, December 25, 2009

[Eng Trans] Kyu Jong left another message!!!

At 6:47pm Korean time! He said it snowed today!


I knew that Shirley will be working on this!

Shirley, you're Korean is getting better. ^_^ Of course inspired by Kyu Jong. Thank you dear!

Here's English translation...

Snow!! Snowing!! Indeed~~
(2009-12-25 6:47:47 PM)

Korean to English translation by Shirley a.k.a. shirbogurl with the luggage / liezle's blog

As expected, Christmas is time spent home alone

Watched one two three (english) once again...Still funny while enjoy the chance to relax for the Christmas break!!..

Look outside It's snowing~~

White Christmas ya!! (English)

Snow came on Christmas~~hehe Also a good song to hearto older brother (YS) song

Snow indeed~~

Pretties!! Not much time of Christmas left~ Good Times..Together with people you like

Make it an unforgettable time~ Not too flashy...Special warm time ^^


This is the original Korean message.

[규종]눈와!!! 눈이와요!! 이야~~ ( 2009-12-25 오후 6:47:47)

역시 크리스마스는 나홀로집에 를 보는 시간이지...ㅎㅎ

원 투 쓰리를 다시한번 시청해주시고..역시 재밋다라고 하며 크리스마스를만끽하면서 쉬고있는데!!..

밖을보니 눈이와요~~

화이트 크리스 마스야!!

크리스마스에 눈이 왔다~~ ㅎㅎ 역시 노래잘하는 횽아노래를 들으니


이쁜이들!! 크리스마스 얼마 안남았다~ 좋은 시간.. 좋은사람과함께

잊지못할 시간 만들어요~ 너무 화려하지않구.. 특별한 따뜻한 시간 ^^


and yeah leader left messages in TOK and he did say the he will go to the Philippines.


shirbo said...

liezle!~~ emailed u the translation~~

shirbo said...

for him...special so of course staying up to translate it!!! too bad he wasnt on tok. =( i am there waiting for him!! haha

liezle said...

got it shirley! i knew you'll do it. btw, wasn't able to watch music show. sbs didn't email me my confirmation but was able to d/l goreala.

liezle said...

who knows he'll be there later so better keep on waiting. ^_^. i don't think he'll be busy until the 27th when they all go to china.

shirbo said...

oo to watch the music shows...u dont use gorilla. just log in and watch on sbs site... hehe sent one more email to u

marge0256 said...

thanks for the translation shirley. And for sharing liezle. Both of you, working hard on Christmas day! :D and all the days for the boys!

Cheers.. Merry Christmas :D

They surely are enjoying their Christmas, All of them. From leader, to kyu, to saeng :) Hope to hear from Jung Min and Maknae soon. hehe!

bb said...

just a quick note... I think kyu meant that he had watched the movie Home Alone, all three parts... part 1, 2, 3... (and not that he was staying at home alone) :p