Saturday, December 12, 2009

hi from hong kong! ^_^

Hey everyone! I see that the comment box at the side bar is full of infos thanks to Shirley and to everyone who contributed.

I'll try to arrange the posts tonight before I hit the bed.

Alright, I know you are eager to know if we saw them. No we didn't and there's not much fans loitering around the hotel since this is really very far and transportation is quite hard.

But I learned that 20 minutes before I arrived the boys went out. Though that news is kinda conflicting since I also got a report that they slept until 2 to 3 pm today. Also this evening, they were heard practicing at the venue.

So really there's no juicy news coming from me. Though I know that there are group of fans chasing them. And this fans hire professional star chasers for as much as HK$660! Geez, that's a lot of money for a dangerous thing to do and a glimpse for a few seconds or few minutes.

Btw, I met khin, sandra, shrimpy, joan, j_girl and her sister, kadd and many more today. but i failed to attend the early dinner because we got stuck somewhere. I'm really really sorry for those people who waited for us. I missed the opportunity of meeting so many wonderful people. Anyway,we still have tomorrow and I hope to meet you guys tomorrow.

Alright, I've to go back now to regular blogging for the meantime and post all those that are needed to be posted.


aisling said...

Hi Liezle!
you're gonna see boys soon... :) And it's really so cool that you met other Triple S :) Hope you girls would have wonderful time together and share many pics and vids with us ;)

Anonymous said...


Just take your time and take care. Thanks for the info.