Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Notice from KeyEast] Hyun Joong's Showcase on June 7

I have been reading a lot about this on Twitter and finally I am able to see this in Ode's blog. Much much thanks again Ode!

I read earlier that the venue can accommodate 5,000 and only 1,600 is up for grab for Henecia. Don't dilly dally, apply NOW!


[Trans] KEYEAST Notice ― Invitation to showcase on 7/Jun
From staff of henecia
Courtesy of Ode / SS501ode.blogspot.com

Before Kim Hyun-joong's full-scale solo album activity starts he will host the 1st MINI ALBUM [BREAK DOWN] SHOWCASE at the Jangchung Gymnasium on June 7th, 2011 (Tuesday).

This showcase is scheduled to be free of charge, if you would like to participate please send an application based on the procedure below. Individuals that have won, based on the order of arrival, will receive a detailed individual mail that includes the schedule and further instructions.

We hope many [2011 Henecia] will participate.

Thank you.


Date and Time : June 7th, 2011 (Tuesday), 7:30 PM ~
Location : Jangchung Gymnasium (Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul City)


- The total number of participants : 1,600 (one person can apply for one ticket)
- Seat : Standing type
- Registration period : May 26th, 2011 (Thursday), 12:00 PM (noon) (Korea standard time) ~ to the first 1,600 arrivals
- Registration procedure : send the registration form to event@hyun-joong.com
- Participant announcement : After the deadline of the first 1,600 arrivals, individual mail will be sent out to the winners


(1) Name :
(2) hyun-joong.com ID :
(3) Contact number (mobile phone and contactable number) :
(4) e-mail :


(1) Name :
(2) hyun-joong.com ID :
(3) Nationality :
(4) Passport number :
(5) Contact number (mobile phone and contactable number) :
(6) e-mail :


- Anyone that has joined 2011 Henecia can apply.
- One person can apply for one ticket, based on the order of arrival within the registration period.
- Please fill out all information in the Registration Form accurately.
- If there is duplication mail, the last received mail will be the standard of selection.
- This showcase does not accept chartered vehicles from all areas, please attend individually.
- For a smooth progress of the showcase and due to portrait rights, taking pictures, videos, recording, tape-recording is prohibited,
thank you for your cooperation.
- Banners and placards can disturb others, so please refrain from bringing them.
- Please send any question regarding the showcase to henecia@hyun-joong.com


Things to take note:
(1) It is standing
(2) Only available for grab by 1,600 Henecians
(3) Strictly First-Come-First-Serve basis
(4) It is FREE through KEYEAST's invitation for 1,600


Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic, but I was wondering if anyone can answer this question. Why is it said that KHJ's 1st solo album will be KE 1st venture into the music industry? Doesn't Hwanhee (spell?) also belong to KE? Did Hwanhee also just joined KE? Hwanhee hasn't come out with any album with KE?

liezle said...

Hi 11:34! From what I know Hwanhee singing contract is being handled by different agency.


Anonymous said...

i'm really glad that hjl decided to join keyeast. since the first day he had joined keyeast, they have given him all the best there is in the entertainment industry from getting lyle beniga to choreographed his two new songs to a well known respected japanese composer to write him a song for smile project and personal vocal lessons to learn mandarin for the opening song of the asian games and many many more.

keyeast indeed is a high profile company!

and what i love most about keyeast is that they seem to let hj do whatever he please and hj does seem very happy now adays! like what his hyung, byj said! he admired hj because he lives his life so freely! ;)

thank you keyeast for taking care of our boy hj!

and thank you liezle for allowing me to share my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

liezle, Thanks for the answer. I see, so an artist can have different agency handle different aspect of their career.

@12:10AM I totally agree with you.

Can't wait to see what KHJ has in store for us.

Anonymous said...

Im a bit confused i read from keyeast notice saying that the breakdown showcase is free. Does that mean for the 1600 lucky henecians or for everyone attending that nite on the 7th.I saw news article that says the stadium can seats 4000.

If my understanding is right then henecians are soooo blessed because kim hyun joong felt so blessed on his 26th birthday to render his appreciation this way.


If im wrong i still feels he is a double wow factor artist in korea.


Anonymous said...

Hope i can buy his album but how? im from Philippines and cant understand korean language. i just depend to all the translation. Btw, thanks for sharing with us the updates of the boys.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.00 am
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