Friday, May 27, 2011

[Vids] Young Saeng @ MTV 'The Show' 05.27.11

Young Saeng had a recording at MTV 'The Show' in Myungbo Art Hall on the 24th of May. The show was broadcast tonight and here are Young Saeng's performances on the said show. Much thanks to rmdkdl for the video and to YoungSaengFacts for sharing on Vimeo.

First video isYoung Saeng's full performance of 'Out the Club' and the next is his stage for 'Let It Go'.

110527 Out the club from letitgo on Vimeo.

110527 Let it go from letitgo on Vimeo.


pengfoo said...

I have liked all of YS's comeback performance. There is a very laid- back, easy and lazy sort of charm in the movements of his dances and that lends a mesmerizing effect to his song and music. His voice is as always, very good.
He has actually convinced me that he can do well as a solo artist.

Congratulations YS ! Great job !!

Chara said...

@pengfoo: Yes, he can.^^

But after all, this didn't seem to be his day...
"Out of the club" doesn't sound good (sorry here) and at the beginning of "Let it go" he's too slow... The rhythym seems to flee away while he is singing...

Anonymous said...

@pengfoo i like how you describe his slow suave charm. it IS mesmerizing!

yay YS performed all of "Out the Club"! seems like he only sings certain parts of the song live, but it's still a good perf. "Let It Go" is still so cool! :D
great job, YS!