Sunday, May 22, 2011

[Vids] Young Saeng's Cut @ Quiz to Change the World 110520

Kim Gura is Heo Young Saeng's Fan

"Let It Go" Performance

Credit : Sudal/kucouncil@youtube


Anonymous said...

That's nice we can see Young Saeng and hyung Jun is in the same show.. but where is the Hyung Jun's parts?

A.L.I.C.I.A said... was there too..
Oh so this was the show that ys said he had met baby in.
Wow. How awesome...
Even the smallest things get to them choosing to sit next to each other.
They both look dashing.
Wish them the best

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, I found it!

This is Hyung Jun's cut! OMG I love the part where YS and HJB talking privately and YS was laughing when HJB talked nonsensically!

I hope someone has the full episode and english translated!

Anonymous said...

The full episode of the show is at but not subbed

Anonymous said...

OMG they're together!! I want subs now!!
Good Lord, both of them look so charming and dashing!!