Sunday, May 29, 2011

Young Saeng's Arrival for MTV Recording 05.24.11 by HSScandal

There were quite a number of photos shared from other blogs and fora of Young Saeng arriving and leaving Myungbo Art Hall where MTV 'The Show' was recorded. I haven't shared much photos then since I was a bit busy. But last night HSScandal tweeted photos taken by one of their shutterbugs and shared the link on Twitter and I am shoving them here for those who haven't seen the photos yet. MTV recording was the same day when Young Saeng guested in 'YoungStreet' and 'Starry Starry Night'.

Here are the photos shared by Rosemary on HSScandal. Thanks!

Btw, if you still haven't watched Young Saeng performances in MTV 'The Show' shown on the 27th of May, you may click HERE.


Anonymous said...

I really wonder why he needs two iPhones?

He looks really tired and I think he is way to skinny. He should gain some weight.

fellyz said...

@Anonymous 4:08 - YS has 2 phones, 1 iPhone & 1 android phone (not sure which brand), each are for working & personal use of course. JungMin & HyungJun also have 2 phones.