Monday, May 23, 2011

05.19.11 S/Tweet Treats

Last Thursday's tweets are here. Much thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for sharing the translation on their forum.

It is always so nice to read exchanges from idols.


[Trans] 05.19.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits please.

2011-05-19 @ 12:16 AM
cobain999 @HyungJun87 What's about the don't touch the fm...Global star....hee

2011-05-19 @ 1:41 PM
b2ment Prince Kim KyuJong is departing for Tokyo for musical "Goong" promotion today. KyuJong~ have a safe trip back ^^

2011-05-19 @ 3:46 PM
mystyle1103 @boxjoon Heuk..I also wanna play baseball..keke

2011-05-19 @ 3:48 PM
mystyle1103 @eru_Ndrew Your chest......keke
*In reply to =eru_Ndrew= (2011-05-19 @ 2:55 PM)
been a long tym uplode the pic..
I'm gettin ready now!

2011-05-19 @ 4:14 PM
eru_Ndrew @mystyle1103 Sorry... Showed you something that wasn't meant to be shown from the morning... TT TT ke

2011-05-19 @ 10:49 PM
mystyle1103 @Brianjoomuzik Hyung, you're here~~I also did that already keke

2011-05-19 @ 10:50 PM
mystyle1103 @skullhong I will look forward to it~~ ke te

2011-05-19 @ 11:03 PM
Brianjoomuzik @mystyle1103 kekekeke eung I just finished and now heading towards Seoul... I think I will reach Seoul in 30 minutes... You've also worked hard... Let's keep in contact often YoungSaeng-ah~

2011-05-19 @ 11:33 PM
skullhong @mystyle1103 keukeukeuk keke Hyung, I knew where hyung is at the moment

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