Friday, May 20, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong in Made in Japan

Wow, finally I get to hear Kyu Jong sing again.

Here's a video of Kyu Jong with the cast of Goong singing 'Perhaps Love', theme from Goong. The casts of musical Goong are in Japan since yesterday busy promoting musical which will happy in June in Kyoto.

Much thanks to veggiedelight and Marvie for sending the links to and tukusi5067 YT channels in my email.



Anonymous said...

yayyyy~ :D oh how i've missed Kyu Jong's voice! so sweet! and i've missed his kind smile, too. <3
he looked a bit nervous in the interview (without his members? or because it's in Japanese?), but once he started singing, he just brightened up (and so did i). ^_^
they all look and sound great together. can't wait for more!
thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Actually Kyujong is better in Japanese than Youngsaeng & Hyunjoong

Anonymous said...

i live this song very much, kyu is so cute here!