Friday, May 27, 2011

[Vid] M! Countdown Interview 05.26.11

Much thanks to for uploading this on her YT channel and sharing on the sidebar here rmdkdl's video of Young Saeng.

This is a cute interview from our adorkable Young Saeng. Do you want to know what Young Saeng wants to eat? Do check this interview by MWide News to Young Saeng during M! Countdown yesterday.


Anonymous said...

hahaha cute~ XD

Anonymous said...

shy bad boy way too cute

kelly said...

I always think YS is witty when he was already in the group. Now it shows even more when he is on solo. Just love him.


Anonymous said...

fan's love... hmmmm, is it your way of saying to help you get to number one, Saeng?

all your fans are working hard to get you to the top since you desperately want this, right?

i am sorry if we've dissappointed you but keep in mind that I and all your fans are still suporting you come what may