Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Article] Jung Min & His Mom on InStyle June Issh

Oh this is another GOOD READ. We're having a lot today, yah? Much much thanks to our dear translators who never cease to share their love for our idols.

In June 2011 issue of InStyle they are featuring no less than one of our favorite SS501 member Park Jung Min. This issue is not only featuring Jung Min but also his mom. A big bonus to this issue is the inclusion of Jung Min's mom's photo. Now we get to see where Jung Min got his look. From the picture below, mother and son both have beautiful smile.

Much much thanks to Slam for doing the translation of this on her blog. Hey, I hope you DID NOT miss reading the other article that Slam translated yesterday about Jung Min as well. It's an interesting read too. You may click HERE if you still haven't read it.


[Scans & Trans] Park Jung Min: Omma's Loving Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup Warmed Park Omma And Son On InStyle Mag (Jun Issue)
Source: InStyle Jun Issue
Scans: Catherine @ twitter
Chinese Trans: 피오나@PJMIFC
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Full of energy and hearty laughter, often emit positive energy during shooting Park Jung Min, this time together with his omma standing in front of the camera.

"This is the 1st time shooting with Omma. Furthermore, I wanna publicize my Omma's cooking skills!" (smile) He wanna thank his omma who used to be a nutritionist as a career, thankful of her letting him to get to eat tasty food which are good for the body. "Omma's cooking skills is real good! When omma made miso soup, she will boil the bean paste on her own and it still taste good even without other ingredients." Park Omma this day cooked her Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup for her son who cant eat a lot of home cooked food ever since he start his solo activities. "Since young, Jung Min love to eat this dish, when he was having his activities, he always came home late, even I cooked it he still cant eat(too late)". Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup to Jung Min is his childhood memories. "When I was in elementary school, when it is the school holiday will always go to my uncle house in YeoJu. During that time, omma will boiling the Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup by the river, Just the size of the bowl can be used to catch insects, but also can be used to keep leeches". (smile)

"The secret to Omma's Abalone Ginseng Chicken soup? Omma knew that I love abalone, thus she will add lots of abalone. (smile) Even though she always hear praises, but I really love my omma's cooking, very thankful for her care, making the dishes even more delicious."


While reading this I suddenly remember when he tweeted about his mom's birthday and even bragged about the food they're having.


lisa said...

now i noe where min gets his healthy diet frm... his nutritionist mum!

Lilue said...

yeah.. no wonder jung min carries around a lot of medicines.. lol

Anonymous said...

omg so adorable! XD Jung Min definitely got his bright smile and eye smile from his omma!
and she looks so young (didn't JM say that his parents had him kind of late, so they're older? his mom looks like a noona.;) JM will definitely look young forever.
haha and now we know why JM has a love for good food and nutritional supplements. ^^
thanks so much, cllslam10 & liezle!

Anonymous said...

so cute..minnie nd his mum!

white said...

omg. i can't stop staring at jungmin in this pic above *0*
he's sooooo attractive like this! :D
and it's the first time i see his mum! hmmm, this clearly :)
they've got the same smileee!
thanks for sharing ;)

Anonymous said...

aigoo park omma definitely one lovely lady - brings along the same sunshine smile as park charisma