Monday, May 23, 2011

[Audio & Pix] Young Saeng @ ShimShimTapa 05.22.11

Moving this up! Check full audio of the show below. ^^


Did you listen to ShimShimTapa at 12MN earlier? I did because Young Saeng was in the show together with Brian Joo. It was fun listening to GyuRi and Shindong as they interview Young Saeng and Brian Joo about their album. Was able to listen to Let It go and Out the Club. I heard Brian's Domino which was written by Drew Ryan Scot and it is such a very nice English song.

Below is the full audio from today's broadcast. Thanks to the tip of Anonymous 4:56. Thanks as well to for uploading in YT. Thanks too Sudal for the full link to d/l.

During the show, they were talking about Young Saeng taking selca. I guess they asked him to take selca and staff of SSTP shared this on their website.

Young Saeng seemed to be enjoying the show last night. Probably because he's with people who's almost the same age as him.


Sudal said...

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Anonymous said...

who is that girl, is that Park Gyuri from KARA....?

liezle said...

Hi Sudal, thaks for the link!

@3:11, yes that's Park GyuRi of Kara.


Anonymous said...

I found it on YT

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos, he is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

But Brian is 5 yrs older, Shindong 3 yrs older whli Gyuri is 2 yrs younger but maybe bec he have known them for a long time. Brian & Shindong since his SM trainee years & Gyuri with DSP.ountere