Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[Pix] Young Saeng Leaving MyungBo Art Hall 05.24.11

Early this afternoon, fans have been tweeting that they've seen Young Saeng arriving/entering MyungBo Art Hall in Seoul where MTV is being recorded. You've seen his arrival in the video by Madeleine I posted HERE earlier. Now take a look at the photos tweeted by puk_kondem of Young Saeng leaving the venue. Much thanks to iamsom for the tip!

Young Saeng had a busy schedule today. After MTV recording, he guested in SBS YoungStreet then afterwards headed to MBC Starry Starry Night. If you miss him in those live webcast radio showx you better look forward to the uploaded videos later as you will get to hear him sing live 'Rainy Heart' in YoungStreet and a rock song that he did so wonderful in Starry Starry Night entitle 'What's This?' by Geenie (thaks Lois!)


Chara said...

It's totally amazing! This guy looks really really content, happy and relaxed! Such a BIG BIG difference in such a short time. When he came back I thought: 어떻게???? (ottoke)

I'm so happy, he's well now.

yenz~ said...

It is good to see him smiling and looking as every bit as easy going as he did when he just debuted as SS501.

I read his tweet to Tae Wan, and he was complaining how his album ranking is so low.. HaHa, poor otter, hopefully he realizes just how much TS are pushing together as one to get him a no.1 on the music charts.