Monday, May 30, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Seoul Grand Park by Prettyboy

Update [05.30.11] : I am shoving this up as I added 29 more photos from the event that Hyun Joong went to in the morning of the 29th of May.

Today Hyung Jun and brother Kibum attended the Z:IN Eco Green Save Healthy Event. There were many fans who attended the free event and of course Prettyboy was there too to share some of the photos they took.

The event took place at Seoul Grand Park. Fans were able to chat, walk and rest with the Kim brothers. Read on Prettyboy and tweets too that the brothers had fun looking at animals.

These two are from the official Twitter of Prettyboy, @prettyboy_jun.

Adding photos here from Newsis.


Anonymous said...

LOL his self-ca time!!!! oh babe...

Anonymous said...

=( I wish I was there, I wish I wasn't busy so I could fly to Seoul and had a little chat with him! All fans there are very lucky, really lucky, able to meet him face to face..

Anonymous said...

his goofy selca face is so cute! XD
aww what a nice event, a good cause, and casual fun time with fans.
so who's managing Kibum since he's already started solo activities? is he with S-Plus, too, since he joins Hyung Jun at events now?

Veera said...

Sho Shweeeeet.....!!! :-)