Friday, May 20, 2011

[INFO] Kim Hyun Joong Mini Album "Break Down" Tracklist

Here's tracklist of Hyun Joong's 'Break Down' album which is on pre-sale today and will be out on the 7th of June. Much much thanks Marvie for shoving this here.

[INFO] Kim Hyun Joong Mini Album "Break Down" Tracklist
Source: Synnara
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Please – Title Track
A pop song with piano and orchestra as melody with sad lyrics

Break Down – Dance Track

If you guys want to order online (which will also be counted in charts) you may wnat to check Ode's blog as she's been blogging since yesterday on how to order online. You may click HERE to be directed to Ode's blog.


Anonymous said...

Leader's into song is called let me go.. sounds familiar huh ^^

Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean *intro

Anonymous said...

OMOOOOOOO I'm so excite >___<

Saengie's let it go
HyunJoong's let me go


Anonymous said...

Ah! i like (Please), it sound somewhat like SS501's "FIND".

Anonymous said...

thanks liezle for the info... im sure u will participate in buying bulk orders this time.. please include me in your list:).. thanks!