Friday, May 27, 2011

[Notice from KeyEast] God of Universe Cartoon 1st Release

The first of the eight which according to KeyEast was released today. Check the cartoon below.

Much thanks to honeyeee for the transltion of the notice of KE posted on Love501.


[Trans] 'God of Universe (U:ZOOSIN)'s Love Love Planet' cartoon will publicly available
Source: Kim Hyun Joong Korean Official Board
English Translation: Honeyeee @

Hello. This is KeyEast.

Through HYUNG-JOONG.COM, we would like to spread a good news to everyone.

Kim Hyun Joong's cartoon character 'God of Universe (U:ZOOSIN)'s Love Love Planet' will be publicly available.

'God of Universe's Love Love Planet' consists of story of how the God of Universe comes to earth from space to explore the new age of earth, the first (cartoon) will be shown on 27th May, total of 8 times spreading over 2 months, (cartoon) will be showcased to give fans a little pleasure.
(*Schedule of release of cartoon is subjected to changes)

'God of Universe's Love Love Planet' can be found in Kim Hyun Joong's Official Website under [NEWS]-[SPECIAL] Menu.

Please give your utmost attention and love.

Thank You.



This is the first release...


Anonymous said...

God of Universe want to tell his story to the Earthlings!
Love Love Planet?....OMO SO CUTE lol

This remind me about Hyun Joong's fiction XDDDD

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the news.
Hyun Joong, what do you think?
I'm execited.

Anonymous said...

did keyeast push through the said date which is now.

liezle said...

Hi 10:17! Sorry I did not noticed that I failed to attached the first release. Please see post again.


Anonymous said...

Oh cute! lol! i wonder if the story is from HJ, himself? The drawing is pretty much his style.

Anonymous said...

its based on Hyunjoong's drawing draft. I read it from other blog.

Anonymous said...

Aliens?? It's just so Leader...:D

pengfoo said...

Can you beat this guy?!!
Hyun Joong is really such an interesting person. Is there anything that he can't do? Can anything stop him? Lol...
He can be a real good comic artist! He has such an imaginative mind and such good humour.
I remember reading his fantasy story featuring himself and Jung Min. It was hilarious and more incredibly, made a fantastic read. No kidding. This guy can write as well! It was a load of charming but incredibly funny stuff that will really kill you laughing while reading it.
Hyun Joong has talents he has yet to explore!
All hail, the God of the Universe!!! Hahaha....

Anonymous said...

our 4d leader offers so much fun to us. thank you hyunjoong for coming to the earth. you are the one and only in the universe. thank you millions our u:zoosin! love and support you till the end!

Anonymous said...

How creative, unique and fun and adorable wuri hyun joong.....HE'S REALY ONE & ONLY in the whole world!!! Can you find anyone more amazingly attractive , damn handsome and fun like him?

Anonymous said...

this guy is really something..haha! he's so unique! that's why i really like him.

Anonymous said...

So cute, the alien with big eyes...
Hyun Joong ah, I love your 4D so much.
Miss you.

droplets said...

anyone has any idea what the words mean in the comic? =x thanks in advance! ^.^

Anonymous said...

@9:50 PM


Anonymous said...

Simple translation :
Name : The God of Universe
Place of birth : Somewhere in the universe ?
Date of birth : 6 June (unknown year ?)
Hobby : play guitar, play with himself

Introduction : The God of Universe is the nake name used by HJ in his offical web site. The series of story are all about The God of Universe's adventure... All cartoon is based on HJ's pencil drawing draft.

(.... so... it is really drawn by HJ ^^).
May 27, 2011 10:30 PM