Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Vids & Pix] Young Saeng @ Sukira 05.27.11

Young Saeng is one of the two guests in last night's broadcast of Sukira. He performed 'Let It Go' and '이별이라는 이름'. Here are Young Saeng's performance on the show which I lifted from the post of 하루히 on that came from the Vimeo account of lionsilver. Thanks much.

110527 Young Saeng - sukira '이별이라는 이름' from lionsilver on Vimeo.

110527 Young Saeng - Sukira 'Let it go' from lionsilver on Vimeo.

Here's full show courtesy of haanhgreenpea. Listen to Young Saeng Also sing several high pitch songs.

I hope we can also have the full show show with English subtitles because as you've heard in the show EunHyuk and LeeTuk keep on mentioning SS501 and the names of the members even came up.

Here are videos of Young Saeng leaving KBS with his manager. He was greeted by fans outside. There were several Thai fans and he's so nice to even greet them 'Sawasdeeka'. Much thanks to puk_condem, SusieSSS and HYSmystyle for sharing these videos on Twitter.

And I am adding here set of photos from Banhada of Young Saeng arriving, during the show and leaving.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I've found more picts of YS at Sukira from @_germx on twitter! ^^

- lizzy

Anonymous said...

there's no's yesung, young saeng's friend from SJ.they mention siwon too....

Anonymous said...

Park Ju Hyun is the same age as YS..he said that they're still awkward with each other..Leeteuk n Yesung mentioned a time when YS practiced dancing(or something) with Siwon when they were trainees at SM..
YS said he feels lonely after he finishes his work sometimes, he haven't think about getting married n it's been 2 yrs since he had a girlfriend..
i miss SS501!