Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[FanCam] Jung Min Off to Japan 05.24.11 by p-jungmin.com

Jung Min zipped off to Japan yesterday for a series of shows and promotions. Someone from his agency tweeted today his schedule via FB. Here's the schedule :

5/24 ~ 5/26 Jung Min will be the special guest of the radio program “K-POP! NOW” 23:30~24:00 from FM Yokohama.
5/26(목) [Japan]「Wara Wara THE, PARK JUNGMIN」17:30~

When Jung Min left yesterday, fans were at Gimpo again to see him off. Here's a fancam by p-jungmin.com which shared on her YT channel.

His airport fashion this time was different from what we see him before. Could it be that he's basing his fashion on the kind of bag he's using? Just a wild guess. ^^

Thanks to veggiedelight for the tip!


Anonymous said...

good looking, super casual:-)

Anonymous said...

i really liked JM's airport fashion, he always looked chic in his coat + tee combo.
but finally he's dressing for spring/summer! been awhile since we've seen him in his plaid shirt. nice casual look. ^^
i bet he changes his bag/hat/shoes to match his outfit, like any fine fashionista. ;D