Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[Vid] Young Saeng's "Star Cam" @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News 110530

I first saw screencaps on Baidu of Mnet Wide Entertainment where they featured Young Saeng last night and told myself that I hope someone will upload the vid on YT soon. And yup, it's here. Much thanks to Marvie for sharing. Now, my wish is for someone to do the English subs as the interview looks very interesting.

Just to hightlight and make you excited to watch the interview, let me share first give you some teasers from the screencaps of 00lanse on Baidu. Thanks!

Now that I got you excited, do watch the video below.

Credit : rmdkdl


Anonymous said...

aigoo bad boy still pretty shy how adorable

Dhes :) said...

Waahhhh... I want Saengie's Green Hello Kitty!...
Hmmm... Wonder why that stuff toy was the only one on that shelf?... I'm curious, Makes me think that it must be really very important/special for him huh?... lol

Yay!.. He got a lot of perfumes, cds & dvd collections.. :)

Anonymous said...

ikr? so where does YS keep fans' letters/gifts? for an idol, he has a small room (as what is shown)...is that in his place?

i wish someone can provide english subs

ty for sharing