Monday, May 30, 2011

05.26.11 S/Tweets Treats

Honestly, I didn't know that I missed reading a lot of tweets last Thursday. What have I been doing, then? Ahh, I remember. ^^

Anyway, much thanks to xiaochu of Quainte501 for consolidating and translating on their forum.


[Trans] 05.26.11 S/Tweets Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Please re-post with full credits.

2011-05-26 @ 10:36 AM
philshin76 KHJ's New Album Cut
user posted image

2011-05-26 @ 11:38 AM
seanalexander23 Is the "please" teaser out yet?

2011-05-26 @ 11:52 AM
Steven_Lee_ @seanalexander23 5PM Seoul time! haha it's 1am here

2011-05-26 @ 12:10 PM
seanalexander23 you! 5pm Korea time! Yay I'm excited! smile.gif

2011-05-26 @ 2:05 PM
Bong_Actress Currently during practice~♥ my bro~ my sis~ luv u all guys~♥♥♥

2011-05-26 @ 2:06 PM
kimkasu @HyungJun87 Jun-ah! Why don't you pick up your phone? Anyway, always thank you! Contact me! o o

2011-05-26 @ 4:11 PM
Steven_Lee_ "PLEASE" teaser is out! Enjoy!

2011-05-26 @ 4:32 PM
Steven_Lee_ Please watch it thru this official link so we get more view counts: . No need to broadcast your own smile.gif RT

2011-05-26 @ 5:30 PM
eru_Ndrew Buying my YoungSaeng dinner!! Let's eat and go to work!!!

2011-05-26 @ 5:53 PM
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Please !!!! Please!!! Please!!!! so nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-05-26 @ 5:55 PM
seanalexander23 “@Steven_Lee_: "PLEASE" teaser is out! Enjoy! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif” yayyyyy

2011-05-26 @ 5:58 PM
seanalexander23 Kim hyung joong trending smile.gif

2011-05-26 @ 6:01 PM
2kjdream I will eat it with gratitude^^!!!!!!! Dudoong~~~~Wooahahah Bestttt~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our team is so excited~~~ Man man sae~~ hee hee

2011-05-26 @ 6:13 PM
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream KyuJong-ah I miss you~~~~ TT TT TT TT Musical daebak daebak! I am always supporting you ^^ Will be going to see you soon again~~!!

2011-05-26 @ 6:14 PM
Bong_Actress Full rehearsal started from 12noon onwards, everyone ran while famished, the foodstuffs that were like rain during a draught. . sob sob TT TT Totally so delicious~♥♥ Thank you. KyuJong's fans. .

2011-05-26 @ 6:21 PM
seanalexander23 Sorry kim hyun joong. No G in hyun my bad sorry smile.gif

2011-05-26 @ 6:25 PM
seanalexander23 Will u all forgive me? smile.gif

2011-05-26 @ 6:26 PM
blackjosunho Today, KyuJong's lunchboxes~!! ke I knew it was the end of the trio, our KyuJong friends are very nice~!!Will eat it with appreciation~!!

2011-05-26 @ 6:29 PM
2kjdream seanalexander23 forgive u !! hahaha ^^ how are you?! 'please' so nice good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^

2011-05-26 @ 6:40 PM
seanalexander23 @2kjdream haha thank you! I'm amazing. Glad that @Steven_Lee_ is back in LA. smile.gif how are you?

2011-05-26 @ 6:40 PM
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ Yes~~ hyung!!!! I miss you TT !! I am happily happily~~ Like me!! like me!!!!^^ heehee ah..!! I really wanna meet up with hyung to talk TT TT One whole bundle full (of words)!!!

2011-05-26 @ 6:52 PM
SonJeHoon Daebak lunchbox!!!! Wow!!!! RT @2kjdream: I will eat it with gratitude^^!!!!!!! Dudoong~~~~Wooahahah Bestttt~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our team is so excited~~~ Man man sae~~ hee hee

2011-05-26 @ 7:19 PM
2kjdream @seanalexander23 i'll do Musical in Japan kyoto ~ ^^ !!!!

2011-05-26 @ 7:46 PM
eru_Ndrew @mystyle1103 Saeng-ah~ You've worked hard and have a good rest~^^

2011-05-26 @ 7:54 PM
joshrosemusic @2kjdream we will b in the studio starting at 11pm until about 7am-u should come after ur musical rehearsal!

2011-05-26 @ 8:43 PM
woori14 KyuJong fans, I've eaten well^^ Was comtemplating which one I should start eating first, I've eaten a delicious dinner ♥ Our Goong Fighting!!

2011-05-26 @ 10:10 PM
JunghjuU Seems like the lunchbox that I've eaten, sent by KyuJong's fans, will linger for a long time..When will I eat it again~~heehee Best. Ah~ And a photo of the cake~ hehe

2011-05-26 @ 10:53 PM
2kjdream @joshrosemusic josh! bro!! do recording?!! ~~

2011-05-26 @ 11:00 PM
joshrosemusic @2kjdream yeah we are doing keyboard and a melody for a new song tonight. Right now I'm with Crown J watchin him work on his new track

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Anonymous said...

haha so kyute,Kyu Jong forgiving sean alexander for messing up Leader`s name
so happy to see fans supporting Kyu Jong.Goong fighting!