Tuesday, May 31, 2011

05.30.11 S/Tweets Treats

[Update : 05.31.11] More tweets added. ^^


Kyu Jong seems to be having a good relationship with his co-actors in the musical. From their tweets and photos you can actually tell so.

Here's today tweets translation (which will be adding more later as I've read tweets from B2M). Thank you much again to xiaochu of Quainte501.

Btw, if you didn't know yet, Kyu Jong's tweet today was on the news. Back track to check it. ^^


[Trans] 05.30.11 S/Tweets Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Please re-post with full credits.

2011-05-30 @ 1:57 AM
2kjdream ream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. .!! For the new Monday to come, sleep tight everyone..^^!! I miss green peassssss!!!!~ Hwaigoong!!hee http://t.co/ja9Z6Hj

2011-05-30 @ 2:14 AM
actor1002 @2kjdream Wow~~Sunglass is pretty??^^ Sleep tight and see you later~~hee

2011-05-30 @ 2:20 AM
2kjdream @actor1002 Hyung hyung hyung hyung^^!! heehee See you tomorrow~~ Aja aja Hwaigooooooooong!! Have a good sleepppp!! Hyung is so cool in the video yesterday!!! heehee

2011-05-30 @ 2:32 AM
JunghjuU @2kjdream @actor1002 Oho~KyuJong~~You're doing some aegyo heehee See you tomorrow~~~^^ Waiting for the great Act 2 hee

2011-05-30 @ 2:36 AM
2kjdream @JunghjuU I'm lying down trying to sleep but unable to sleep still... Nervous, excited, tremor, worries, anticipation, everything came to me one by one, this is really!! heehee For the fresh start tomorrowe!!^^ See you tomorrow nuna~~~!!!!!!!!!! heehee

2011-05-30 @ 2:59 AM
@JunghjuU @2kjdream @actor1002 So it's not just me who can't get to sleep keke I have a schedule tomorrow so I will be going late before eating dinner. . bear with it even if you miss me heeheehee

2011-05-30 @ 3:18 PM
eru_Ndrew Yesterday at Inki Gayo waiting room with YoungSaeng..
YoungSaeng was playing omok, I am giving him some tips ke http://twitpic.com/54hsxk

2011-05-30 @ 5:18 PM
woori14 Woah All thanks to KyuJong that we have delicious dinner today. Proof pic <3 The actors all went out to drink their ice-drinks (?) and a dinner party among the actresses^_^ Thanks http://yfrog.com/h3cu4puj http://yfrog.com/gyeqgoppj

2011-05-30 @ 5:53 PM
rorirorirorari 3rd KyuJong lunchboxes!! Thank you~ <3 http://t.co/gvJ62sv http://t.co/Ud83h2S http://t.co/ymwI9d2 http://t.co/j8yQ0jG http://t.co/oUtmhly http://t.co/pm2d3kL

2011-05-30 @ 5:28 PM
mystyle1103 @eru_Ndrew kekeke when was this taken?;;

2011-05-30 @ 5:32 PM
Actor_ParkJiBin @mystyle1103 huh?? Why~ It's true~<<< Merong* and you don't know when I will attack~happy.gif *Merong is this expression tongue.gif

011-05-30 @ 5:29 PM
mystyle1103 @Actor_ParkJiBin Wanna die? - -
*In reply to =Actor_ParkJiBin= (2011-05-30 @ 4:41 PM)
@wndks1116 Hyung seems like you have eyes to see, but handsome YoungSaeng hyung doesn't
**In reply to =wndks1116= (2011-05-30 @ 3:51 PM) @Actor_ParkJiBin Good looking JiBin

2011-05-30 @ 6:01 PM
2kjdream Today too TT I ate with gratitude..!! All the actors/actresses and staffs are really very grateful!! Thank you^^ Delicious meal !! Yoohoo~~ http://t.co/qW46QY6

2011-05-30 @ 6:24 PM
b2ment (Kim KyuJong) KyuJong's Kyoto performance schedule has been updated in his official homepage. The first performance is gradually approaching, thus KyuJong is working even harder! He is working hard~ Please support him lots.

2011-05-30 @ 6:24 PM
blackjosunho KyuJong's fanclub prepared lunch boxes for us again today~ If they haven't done it, we were uncertain where to eat when we have out practices at SangMyung University, we ate it gratefully. Seems like the love for KyuJong is always in blossom~!!keke Wow~Thank You~!! http://lockerz.com/s/106126822

2011-05-30 @ 6:29 PM
movejm @2kjdream Busy? We should have NaengSam sometime~ Come to play!! ke

2011-05-30 @ 6:47 PM
b2ment (Kim KyuJong) We will be working on the renewal of KyuJong's official homepage soon~ A guy whom we hardly seen around due to his musical practices recently.

2011-05-30 @ 7:26 PM
eru_Ndrew @mystyle1103 I don't know, I took what your fans have taken ke

2011-05-30 @ 7:29 PM
KoJongHee @2kjdream Yo man~~How are you doing? Seeing you doing activities seems like doing good~~ Hope it will be a big success~~ Hwaiting!!^^

2011-05-30 @ 9:00 PM
jooyoung0224 @mystyle1103 kekekekeke Got tricked by lazybones~~keke

2011-05-30 @ 9:16 PM
Bong_Actress It's totally so delicious RT @woori14:Woah All thanks to KyuJong that we have delicious dinner today. Proof pic <3 The actors all went out to drink their ice-drinks (?) and a dinner party among the actresses^_^ Thanks http://yfrog.com/h3cu4puj http://yfrog.com/gyeqgoppj

2011-05-30 @ 10:29 PM
JunghjuU Day where Prince KyuJong-nim treated^^ with such a title... Really daebak!!! ah~ happy~ How many kinds were there? ke de We ate them very well~ Very touched as always. The best is the beer in this icebox kekeke http://yfrog.com/h4kbpmaj http://yfrog.com/h6s57qmj

2011-05-30 @ 10:49 PM
mystyle1103 @zerotic0124 Definately looks better with shorter hair
*In reply to =zerotic0124= (2011-05-30 @ 9:27 PM)
One more photo of my cut hair~~

2011-05-30 @ 10:49 PM
mystyle1103 @jooyoung0224 Always coming at me - -

2011-05-30 @ 10:51 PM
zerotic0124 @mystyle1103 Well, I'm like that.. whatever I do........must have tickled right??

2011-05-30 @ 10:58 PM
jjongsoohyelims @zerotic0124 @mystyle1103 ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha^0^;;;

2011-05-30 @ 11:25 PM
jooyoung0224 @Actor_ParkJiBin YoungSaeng won't be tricked by your acting anymore kekekekekeke

2011-05-30 @ 11:27 PM
JunghjuU @2kjdream Ate them very well today~~


kelly said...

Kyu Jong can get along with anyone. He is super good tempered :)


Anonymous said...

good thing that Kyu is eating on time( super thanks for the thoughtfulness and generosity of fans in Korea) even his co-stars are enjoying

funny YS: you wanna die?

super thanks xiaochu! and thanks also liezle

etet said...

The fans are always so sweet to the each of the "boys". Think they can really feel our LOVE...

First "peeked" at the pic and thought "is it beer?". hehehe... guess it was!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! can't wait for Kyu's performance. And a SHOUT OUT to his fanclub for providing Kyu and the rest of the staff with delicious meals, KUDOS....