Sunday, May 29, 2011

[Vid] Hyung Jun w/ KiBum @ Seoul Grand Park 05.29.11

Much thanks to one Anonymous for sharing the link to YT channel where we can watch almost four minutes of Hyung Jun at Seoul Grand Park where in he attended a charity event sponsored by LG. The event is called Z:IN Eco Green Save Healthy Event (hope i got it right).

So heartwarming to see Hyung Jun looking at and touching the kid on the stroller as well as to see some brotherly love between the Kim brothers.


Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I love how Hyung Jun includes his family in the events he does. You always hear of idols having little time to spend with their families because of their schedules so its nice to see that Hyung Jun is able to have his schedule and still spend quality time with his family. I also love how attentive he is to the child in the stroller. Hyung Jun is truely a sweet guy.

Here's 3 more great fancams for those interested.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links anon! :)