Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Vid] Hyung Jun tops the survey with vast social network

You've probably seen this a couple of days ago being posted in several fora and website. This vid has also been posted on the sidebar. Thanks to royalty_of_rain for posting.

In one of the segments of Pop in Seoul they presented a clip showing who amongst the Korean artists have a vast social network (who are friends with other entertainer group). In the research that the show made, it came out that Kim Hyung Jun of SS501 emerged as the number 1. He's been choosen due to his array of friends he has in the industry. His being kind, good sense of humor and positive attitude could have made him to have such a big social network. ^^

Find out more who are in the top 5. Here's the cut of the segment from Arirang.


Anonymous said...

congratz baby!!! ^^ you are knows as friendly guy with a bright personality!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this vid here Liezle... i was checking another blog for another idol group (JYJ) and there i saw the vid.. am proud for HJB.. for being the number one!!!

i remembered in one of the vids the members were teasing Maknae....that Maknae has a lot of friends but are not really close with them, more like socializing... i guess being sociable is not bad at all^^