Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[FanCam] Young Saeng Fan Signing Event 05.31.11

Much thanks to for uploading Madeleine's video in her YT channel today's fan signing session of Young Saeng held at Synarra in Incheon.

Another set of 150 lucky fans were able to get Young Saeng's siggy and have little chat with him.

The vid taken by Madeleine is cute. Young Saeng seems to be happy and kinda playful with fans as he posed for them to take his photo with glasses on and doing the V sign. ^^

Here's the vid hile we wait for some HQ pix. Btw, much thanks to HYSmystyle for the tweet.

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Anonymous said...

as usual, aside from being a cutesy, he is also naughty and a tease.. can some kind translate and provide subs please?

thanks for sharing the vid