Friday, May 20, 2011

[Audio Video+Pix] Young Saeng @ Music High 110520

Those who tuned in to Music High early this morning (including me) got a HUGE surprise when they we heard Jjun DJ introduced Heo Young Saeng. Yes, Young Saeng. ^_^ There was no announcement or clue that he will be guesting in today's broadcast. What is also surprising is that, today's show wasn't even on webcast.

Anyway, the show was so enjoyable even if we only get to hear Hyung Jun and Young Saeng's voice. Young Saeng's seems to be enjoy being in the show and seeing Hyung Jun. He seems so comfortable when he's around any member of SS501. It was so funny when Hyung Jun I think were asking Young Saeng to keep on imitating voices and YS obliged.
From the broadcast you'll get to hear them mentioning SS501, Jung Min and Kyu Jong.

Go and listen to the audio that Marvie posted here. It so fun even if don't understand Korean just by listening to your favorites.

Thanks to rmdkdl for sharing!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credit : [Audio]


Sudal said...

Link for Mp3 download:

Anonymous said...

This was a great listen. The members always seem to have so much fun together. I have to say it's really great that Hyung Jun has this radio show. It's a great way for us to see the members interacting with each other now that they are in separate agencies. Hopefully, Hyun Joong is next. :)

Anonymous said...

thats weird no webcast?! When Jung Min was on MH, we could watch him but why when it's YS turn, there's no webcast!

I DEMAND WEBCAST! it's ok if we can only listen their voices but it would be great if we can watch them!

Anonymous said...

i can't open the second part =(

but thank you. i will wait for someone to translate.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know SBS Ten Ten Club web address? Young Saeng is attending it tonite.


Marvie said...

Part 2 of the vid is blocked in some countries, that's why some people cannot open it, sorry about that. YT gives us problems always, but u can DL mp3 file that Sudal shared...

Anonymous said...

I just love seeing them together!

Really grateful for Hyung Jun for hosting this radio show... so that we can see them interacting during their solo activities.

realisticgal_in-no-sense said...

the last part was epic...very funny. i can totally imagine Jung Minnie doing that. lol