Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photos of Kyu Jong Filming 'God of Cookery' 06.15.12

Handsome snapshots of Kyu Jong taken by the shutterbug HeStory [] during the 15th of June filming of 'God of Cookery' [a.k.a. SikSin Road] have been shared on the fanclub's board.  Here are the photos for everyone's enjoyment.


Anonymous said... kyu so handsome n sexy..look so fresh

Anonymous said...

i saw him during this day.....if only shutterbugs can capture the real him....nicely taken pics but in person he's really far from this features....501% handsome in person!

Anonymous said...

so handsome...i'm gonna miss u so much kyu.

anon 3:09
u so lucky..i'm still waiting for the day where i can meet him :)

Anonymous said...

yeah just got lucky...u know what im super 501percent addicted to him when i got to see him in person...i hope u can meet him too^^