Wednesday, June 06, 2012

[Trans] Hyun Joong's Birthday Message in KOB 06.06.12

As his natal day is about to end, Hyun Joong posted a handwritten message on his Korean Official Board [].

Here is the translation of the short message that I lifted from the tweet of @5StarsAs1.
I've spent a wonderful day reading the birthday messages that everyone have sent. I will work hard to become a better person.

Thanks to @iamsom for the image above.

And here is typewritten message which was shared by @wonderrrgirl as well  in Twitter.

"많은 팬여러분의 축하메세지에 행복한날을 보냈어요. 더욱더 좋은 사람 되려 노력하겠습니다."

All the best in the years ahead, Hyun Joong!

P.S.  Same message was posted in Hyun Joong Facebook and Weibo accounts.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you, Hyun Joong ah.
More and more success, lucky, happiness, ....
Love you

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, our dear boy
hope you have ton of fun on your bday ❤

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday sweetheart ^^
I will love and support you forever and ever !!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday KHJ! With love & God bless u!;-)

daydeq said...

happy belated befday leader...may god bless u always

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Leader...have a nice day on ur birthday.. juz curious, do u celebrate you day with members SS501 especially YS...? hopefully yes;)

Anonymous said...

[[[[Hyun Joong Opened His Own Weibo Account
Anonymous Anonymous said...

makes me wonder why he chose to start a weibo account (when he doesn't even have me2day or twitter). is it like what some others say, china's market is more lucrative hence he will do anything for china? that sucks :( ]]]]

I am writing my comments below regarding the above comments as the previous posting is closed.

Very interesting! Now I am wondering who this person is, spreading rumors and accusing Hyun Joong again to be greedy. You are definitely Korean, as you know about "me2day." I am Korean Henecia and have witnessed "organized" anti activities targeting Hyun Joong for 2 years in Korea. They are other members' fans called "401 bakja" in Korea, who have been trying to damage HJ's reputation by spreading rumors and posting lies about HJ in Korean Portals, so that public can see. I am saying they are organized, as I myself saw their web-site called "Ne Bakja," and witnessed their discussions on how to ruin Hyun Joong's good images (love for fans, 90 degree bows, etc.) in 2010. As I see these types of familiar comments in overseas postings more often these days, I suspect some of Korean bakjas are reaching out to international fans as their efforts to ruin HJ's image in Korea don't seem to work. I should give you some examples to prove that I am not making things up. I need A4 100 pages to list 401 bakja's anti activities, but just a couple of them when they just started.

Rumor 1) some examples: HJ received a huge sign-on bonus when he joined KE and that's the reason why he abandoned the members (Not true. 1) a journalist's interview was aired last year. She said HJ almost received nothing and that's how KE's contracts work so called performance based.2) Hyung Jun maknae also said that he and another member received the highest sign on bonus among members when they moved in Radio Star show. (I think another member is Jung Min, since he purchased a house around the time, but I cannot be sure.) 3) HJ said he used all his sign on bonus to pay tax during Yun Joong interview (This confirms the journalist's interview as knowing tax rules, the amount cannot be as large as 401 bakja claimed)

Anonymous said...

Rumor 2) 401 bakja were saying that HJ signed the contract w/ KE first, way before it was announced behind the back of members, so he abandoned the group first for $. Not true 1) their supporting argument was that HJ started to work on "First love story" video in early 2010 and that implies that HJ already had a deal with KeyEast. They were lying that KeyEast was behind the "First love story" project. A few months after their postings, the video was released under DSP's name not KE's. 2) per Korean and Taiwanese newspapers, Jung Min was the one who signed the contract w/ new agency prior to other members.

So why are they doing that? I am not them, so I wouldn't know for sure, but around that time, 2010 June, a lot of Jung Min's fans were doing HJ's anti activities in Korea, so HJ's fans think that they were afraid that JM would get blames for group disband as he signed the contract first and had to find a scapegoat and that was HJ. Always leader has been an easy target for bad things. They first posted a lot of HJ's anti postings in the biggest TripleS Korean fan cafe called ss601. They were very successful as TS's went crazy, left F-words on HJ, persuaded by lies. They even went out to Korean major portals for public to damage HJ's image from then on. That's how everything started.

I am just so sick of all the evil things they have been doing on HJ. I guess it is motivated by jealousy for sure. I guess other members' fans think that other members would be more successful as a group rather than individuals except HJ and wish HJ would fail in his individual activities.

Hyun Joong knows about all this, as you guys might know. One of his letters last year, he said he didn't know that he had so many antis before (I guess he must have read those anti postings in SS601 and Korean Potals). He also cried mentioning fights among fans during his showcase last year. If you are a Hyun Joong fan, you should fight against these antis. When they claim something, you should always ask for hard evidence, picture, video clips, etc. They are specialized in creating rumors and they are really good, believe me.

DeeDee2023 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeeDee2023 said...

Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong! Love you!

Anonymous said...

@ 1:59 PM - Wow, things were much worse than I thought. I feel so bad for him. I wish I knew more about it. Why can't I read Korean? :(

My "ONLY ONE", always be happy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll support you hyunjoong forever! Love u very much.

keimi chan said...

Hyun Joong has a very big heart..I wish those antis leave him alone!! He is working very hard to be where he is right now. He deserves everything he has, so please have some respect to the guy..I feel so bad everytime someone writes bad about him..he didn't do anything bad to someone, he's just doing his best to please the fans, so just keep busy supporting your own idol rather than creating stupid rumors about him!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:59 - neo pabo ya? Just in case you don't know what it means, it means 'are you an idiot'? Whats the reason liezle closed the comment box of the previous post? To prevent more arguments and here you are trying to flame it up and start the whole damn thing again. Call yourself a true fan! If you are truly a TripleS or Henecian you wouldn't be harping on it. Looks like to pledge your loyalty to KHJ you've gone to the extend of bashing whoever that do not agree with you and defend him no matter what. You're the shame of SS and the truly big hearted fans.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:05pm .. neo pabo ya? Just in case your answer is NO...i am saying you ARE an idiot!
It's a shame that Liezle's blog is frequented by peeps who bash HJ.
And when someone tries to defend HJ, some idiot like yourself comes along and says "if you are true Henecian or Triple S you wouldnt be harping on it!" . Blah blah blah...
What a load of crap! I am glad anonymous 1:59 was able to say what she wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous7.42 p m. I also have had enough of ppl bashing Hyun Joong .

Anonymous said...

oh poor darling boy! didn't know he was badly treated by those 'witches'! however i believe in the adage, 'what goes round comes around' other words, if you do good things, then good things will come to you and vice-versa, if you know what i mean. not trying to 'harp on' things but it's a fact that among the members, KHJ has been the most active in donating, giving free concerts etc. if you say he's the richest, well, perhaps but he doesn't seem to be saving much since he's too busy giving the money away. Besides, the one who owns an expensive car is not him.... Remember the interview, 'in vino vernitas' or something like that, lol! that was in 2008 and what did our beloved boy say? as long as he's happy and he could eat nice things he didn't mind the fact that his bank account was almost nil. i think he has kept that philosophy until today; he's happy giving free concerts and donating to those in need, doesn't matter if he didn't own high-end properties and such......

Anonymous said...

Do you guys notice? These haters often come out when there’re some good news about Hyun Joong.
Him open weibo mean more new fans, more fans communication, more fans gathering , etc.
Haters reaction toward this matter is a good thing because its mean he did it right to open weibo.
They’re scare of him, they don’t want him to gain more fans ,don’t want him to success. That’s why they react on it.
Actually yesterday 2012.06.06 (our HJ birthday) I’ve seen lots of haters activities online
Maybe because it his birthday or him open weibo is truly scare them or they know now that his international fans are more aware of their existent and their evil activities.

The most efficient way to fight back these haters is TO BE STRONGER AND SUPPORT HIM EVEN MORE. Unite as one, bring down all the polls and awards for Him !
Since,these haters goal is to destroy him, meaning OUR BEST REVENGE is Hyun Joong’s SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPINESS. LET’S KILL HATERS WITH HIS SUCCESSFUL.
these haters must be dying inside when they see how much successful he is, their own jealousy will kill themselves.

My previous post yesterday about unite as one for Hyun Joong and haters got pissed…clearly they don’t want us to unite and fight for him.

Remember all their hating words, remember how many times they trying to hurt him and us, remember all the pain and hurt that you’ve been feeling because of them,
Turn all the anger and pain into energy and FIGHT FOR HIM.

Its time to stand up for our beloved !

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was quite informative. Explains a lot why others that comment are so irrational, just plain emotional and shooting foul language. Don't understand why they are miserable with every achievement Hyun Joong gets. Sure, green with envy.

Well, they must work harder to get their idols achieve more so that they will leave Hyun Joong alone. But is bad temper an foul language winning them anything? Wrong strategy, i must say.

Anonymous said...

I am a Korean Henecia, so I know all these anti activities in Korea, but was shocked to hear from a Taiwanese Henecia the following on YouTube. I really hope they leave poor Hyun Joong alone.

[120603]김현중 KimHyunjoong@KYU FM on Youtube
"care66only" wrote:
What the ****. Why did they do that? I have noticed that on the way to stage, he seems a little scared and avoid eye contact. Now I know why. The antis are not exclusive to Korea. Do you know when JM and BB visit Taiwan, they were welcome with only 4 members board? They made a toothless and mini HJ at the bottom of YS feet. In chinese, it means 无耻 (toothless)小人(small guy) which translate to "a despicable person." Same like you, I am mad too.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 1:59 pm.

Thank you for providing us the information about what is going on in South Korea. Now we know where the antis are coming from.
The more they try to push KHJL down, the more his fans are going to support him.

Anonymous said...

Oh gee. Bashers have too much time on their hands. I know I support all 5 of them. Am happy for all their achievements, and sigh if any of them have any setbacks. HJL, all the best. Be healthy, be happy, and may you reach the pinnacle of success.