Friday, June 08, 2012

[Vid] Cute Interaction of Kyu Jong with Fans 06.01.12

Much thanks to wangjanim for sharing this in 's YouTube channel.  This is a  cute video of Kyu Jong's interaction with fans last Sunday.

 In the video fans tried to see if kyu jong use 깔창 (slip soles) in his shoes to look taller.  Kyu jong proved he does not and said usually he does nott use it, not when he is alone. On stage...they all "go up" together!!

Thanks to @shirbo21 for tweeting the conversation.

Please DO NOT edit and upload this video in any streaming sites including YouTube.


Anonymous said...

what does all "go up" together mean? anyone pls enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

It could mean that 'all' wear in sole when they are on stage. ^_^

Anonymous said...

To my standard, any guys who are above 1.8m are really tall. Wearing shoes with heel of more than an inch, still isn't tall enough? Our SS501 boys are so handsome too... oh, my sore neck... kekeke

Anonymous said...

Nicely said =D
Yes our S501 boys are soooooo handsome and extremely talented!

Anonymous said...

ooops SS501 boys*